About Maudikae!

All about Maudikae The Cat.

About Me!

Snuck in when Molly The Wally wasn’t looking and thought I’d tell you about me, more interesting than the anything else in this universe!

Profile of Maudikae.

All about my Daring, Intrepid and Heroic exploits, three of MY most favourite words!


Muadikae (nick-name: HB) cat hero and courageous explorer. Arch enemy of neighbour Molly The Wally and most annoyed at being nick named Hideous Beast (HB) by THAT mutt!

In this first of my nine lives I have bestowed the honour on my human of being a much loved family pet to the exclusion of all others. They should be grateful for any such attention I wish to bestow on them. It’s important that I am showered with love and attention on demand. I have trained my human over many eons and therefore expect my just reward which is they will do anything and everything it takes to keep me happy.    

Formative years spent learning that sleep is an important job that must be carried out for at least 14 hours a day. The only disturbance that can be tolerated if the sound of food being prepared, cooked or offered or the sound of scurrying vermin.

Mini-Me Of Maudikae By Lynne Over at 2 Chihuahua Girls.
Mini-Me Of Maudikae!

Characteristics include a formidable arsenal of weaponry, ready to be used on any foe real or envisaged. The saying that, ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ is for wimps. Armed with my deadly fangs, razor sharp claws and ability to hiss and then spit, at a distance an Olympian shot putter would be proud of, means I am superior in every way. My modesty knows no bounds and I seldom brag about my exceptional, outstanding and amazing abilities.

My Home

Anywhere where there is an adventure! 

Destructive behaviour: none! Doing acrobatics on top of pieces of furniture or between figurines and vases, climbing curtains, sharpening claws on soft furnishings , wallpaper and carpets is just what I do.

Sleeping arrangements: basket. However never at night when the world is all MINE!!!!!  

Most desired location: Home. Anywhere I choose to be such as on any reading matter when in use, on any electrical gadget that may want using and so on. This emphasises I am in charge.

My Human

The human still doesn’t understand that Feline World Domination is the name of the game. However I do have a soft spot for my human!


Speaks cat, some dog, English, and currently learning a vast array of vermin calls (an invaluable aid to hunting). I am an ostentatious, showy, bigger than Big cat idol.  Pursuer of all that is right and just, righting the wrongs for cat folk the world over.  Brilliant leader of feline friends, through modesty, humility and humbleness. Famed big game hunter whose daring adventures are known throughout the stratosphere. So talented if I listed them all it would be like reading War and Peace!

Mini-Me Of Maudikae By Lynne Over at 2 Chihuahua Girls.
Mini-Me Of Maudikae!
Fav Foods

Anything to do fish as I am a ‘Pescetarian’. Love to chew on grass, catnip, parsley, sage and running amuck in the herb garden.

Mini-Me Of Maudikae By Lynne Over at 2 Chihuahua Girls.
Mini-Me Of Maudikae!
Most Disliked Foods

Dog food, dried foods and week old road kill unlike Molly The Wally. 


Hunting vermin, taunting and annoying Molly The Wally.

Pet Likes

The sound of mice, catnip, sunbathing and sometimes my human. Love food, hunting, sleeping and dreaming.

Pet Hates

Molly The Wally, anything to do with water, litter trays that smell like a ‘Porta Loo’, being ignored by my human and sometimes the vet. Also hates the smell of dog food, stupid iPad games that I am supposed to enjoy, pedicures and being locked out after a tough night on the prowl.     

My ambitions

To have godlike prowess and beneficence and to be honoured as a divinity in the cat-o-sphere.

Mini-Me Of Molly & Maudikae By Lynne Over at 2 Chihuahua Girls.