Friday 12 October 2012

Fog It Blog It, By Chicken I’ve Cracked It!

Mollys' Spooky Graveyard Picture for Halloween

Halloween Tales From Spooky London Pond Square.

As it is ‘Shocktober we thought today we’d bring you a story from bizarre spooky London. So heading off to Pond Square, Highgate we will recount the story of the ghostly chicken. Sir Francis Bacon, (1561-1626) was a politician, a writer and a philosopher who also dabbled in some well, unusual scientific experiments when he wasn’t hamming it up. He was a pioneer in the theory that refrigeration might be used as a means of preserving meat. On a bitterly cold January morning in 1626, Bacon decided to put his theory to the test by purchasing a chicken, having it slaughtered and plucked. He then proceeded to stuff its carcass with snow. Opps looks like this chicken just got a licking. Such a fowl way to die! Ironically Sir Francis Bacon caught a severe chill as a result of his experiment and was taken to nearby Arundel House (a poultry excuse for a hospital) where he was placed in a damp bed and he died shortly afterwards from suffocation. Ever since then, there have been frequent reports of a phantom bird, resembling a plucked chicken, that appears from nowhere and races round the square in frantic circles, flapping its wings and noiselessly clucking away. What is a haunted chicken called? A poultry-geist! Terence Long was crossing Pond Square late at night in 1943 when he heard the sound of horses hooves and the low rumble of carriage wheels. Suddenly, a loud raucous shriek, split the silence, and the ghostly chicken appeared before him. It then proceeded to run frantically around and then vanished into thin air. In the 1960’s a motorist whose car had broken down encountered the same apparition. Fearful that the bird may be harmed and in need of help he approached it, only to have it disappear when he turned away. A courting couple in the 1970’s, had their ‘peck’ on the cheek interrupted by the chicken who suddenly dropped from above landing next to them. In recent years, however, sighting of the featherless phantom have been few and far between and it might just be possible that its restless spirit has finally ’gone to the light, and accepted it’s part in the scientific breakthrough for which it gave its life. Cluck , cluck where did I pluck this from, is it a load of cock & bull I hear you say? Finger lickin good!

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Oh and we got an award from the lovely Keisha. We say a BIG thank you.


  1. Hmmmmmmmm....someone named Bacon...yum!

    Oh well, some crazy ideas have crazy outcomes. Looks like the chicken had the last laugh.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. That's a 'poultry' scary story. But if we saw that ghost, Tagar will probably pounce on it and eat it. Yum..

    Togo, Tagar & Gamby

  3. Molly steer clear of a haunted chicken - frying it up won't help ya!!!

  4. Eeek that is a scary picture of you. A poltergeist chicken, spooky

    urban hounds


    You are a master storyteller, Miz M.! And this is one feather-raising tail, a chicken tail!!!

    I ain't chicken, I am coming back for MORE OF MOLLY'S MAYHEM AND MADNESS!!!! tteeeheee

  6. Your barking mad Molly but that was a finger lickin good
    Love the award ( well we are bias ) :) Have a great Furiday, at least the sun has got his hat on xx00xx

  7. Gosh Molly, your picture this morning made us jump right outta our pants (that's of course, IF we wore pants!) We were sure scared looking at it. And then to read your story, we were trembling...

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. Hi Molly,

    Do you think there are more out there wondering around Kentury Fries Chicken takeways,flapping their ghostly wings in the dark....but I like mine with chips!YUM

  9. Spooky chicken. Oooooooo. I bet it would still taste like chicken. Yummmmmm Chicken.

  10. I have heard the tale of the Headless Horseman before....but this is the first time I've heard of the Headless Chicken!

  11. BOL! HAHAHA Quite cheeky and hilarious.

  12. Oh dear, poor chicken! Guess that is one that didn't make it to Chick Fil Let!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  13. you always make me snicker. :)

  14. Hmmm, wonder why that chicken crossed the road?

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Tomei um sustinho com sua foto Molly! hahahaha
    E essa história de frango fantasma hein?! kkkk

    Beijos e linda sexta pra você!!!!

  16. Scary picture of you....
    We love chickennnnnnn.... =)

    Have a nice weekend!

  17. I LOVE your FrankenWeenie picture!!!
    POULTRY EXCUSE.... OH how I loved THAT one!! You have a WICKED SHARP sense of humor.

  18. I hope none of the animals I kill come to haunt me!


  19. Oh Molly, I had my niece read your blog and she enjoys reading it too.

    Happy weekend.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  20. Maybe the chicken has moved to a KFC restaurant? I like stories about spooky London, I wisch I could attend the "Spooky Tour" by night - sadly dogs aren't allowed UNFAIR!btw: "BACON" is a yummy last name :o))))

  21. That haunted chicken has the right idea (says Mum the stupid vegetarian)! Dog help us if we get haunted by chickens, it is our main source of meat, eek.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  22. Creeeeeeeeeeeeepy!! Cool picture though! Have a great weekend!

    Elyse and Riley

  23. Haha poultry-geist! genious! lol
    Thanks for sharing such a funny/interesting story :D

  24. Can you eat ghost chickens? I don't think so, we want real ones! Hailey and Zaphod

  25. We bet you would be great at telling scary stories around a camp fire!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  26. I like chicken!!! And Mr. Bacon has a lovely name! But I' so afraid od ghosts and now I'm even more afraid after Nora's comment...
    Licks from Pink

  27. First of all your scary picture scares us and anything having to do with the chicken we like!
    Benny & Liky

  28. I would not like a ghost chicken. First of all it sounds like a show on the Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. Second, I love chicken, and if it was a ghost chicken, I could not eat it. Lastly, I now have a hankering for chicken and bacon.

  29. Pretty scary picture and story today ;)

    Best wishes,

    André Moreiras
    Passos Caninos

  30. hey Molly,

    Congratulations on your pretty award! Very well deserved! :->

    I have never heard of a poultry-geist! That is hilarious! I hope I never run into a mad chicken ghost! But poor little chicken. I hope he finds his way to the Rainbow Bridge and stops scaring everyone.


  31. That's quite a story!!

    Congrats on the award :-)