Sunday 16 September 2012

Share It Sunday’, Guest Blog Floppy Tongue Joy!

Nominated by Molly on behalf of Bassetmomma whose Tinternet was being naughty!

Some questions asked to me by various little peoples

First of all, I would like to wish all of my friends a very lovely Day of Labors. This is a day that we has in America to celebrate how hard we all is working. We celebrates it by no doing any work. It is meant to make up for all of the non-laboring kind of days they has in Europe that we no has here. Like leave for maternities and paternities, and many generous vacation days where we can relax and then return to the office as more productive workers.... so fellow Americans, you better live it up today. You has a lot of vacationings to accomplish in this 24 hours, I hopes you is all making the best of it!

This is me, laboring hard at my vigilant nappings. Notice how I also is camouflage. 

Often times when I is walking about the neighborhoods, or when my people sister's friends is coming over, childrens is having many questions about me and all of the wonderful things that makes me so special. So I has compiled a list of questions asked to me by various little peoples:

Q: "OMG look, a cute wiener dog!"
A: That no is even a question, so I no will dignify it with an answer.

Q: "Why does his tongue always hang out?"
A: Thank you for this insightful question, little peoples. My tongue always hangs out because I has a very customized mouth composed of nine tooths and one floppy tongue. My tongue is too amazing to be contained by only nine tooths, so as a result, it does many floppies out the side of my mouth.

Q: "What happened to all his teeth?"
A: Well, this is sad, but the peoples who was raising me before no tooked good care of my dentals. As a result, my tooths died and felled out. And also some of them was pulled out by the unfortunate people known as "Vet."

Q: "What can he eat?"
A: What an interesting question, small people. If I asked you this question, probably you would say something like "pizza and ice cream and macaroni and cheese and potato chips and french fries and cookies!" And my answer would be the same. I will eat anything I can get my tongue on. Some interesting things I has eated recently include
a whole watermelon (which I spent 20 minutes attacking and gotted about one bite of watermelons, thank yous very much), chicken baby foods (when I was sick), red pepper eggplant soup and a Capri Sun pouch (Mama tooked that away from me before I could finish it). Though my regular diet is mostly wet dog food from a can.

Q: "Is he a puppy?"
A: Hmmm, is I a puppy.... allow me to answer this with a question of my owns: Is you a drooling baby in a diaper who no can walk and cries for his mama all days and nights? You is? I is sorry to hear that, as the dignified senior dog that I is, I find that very sad.

Q: "Really, he's not a puppy? He's so little!"
A: I is going to pretend that you no said this, and instead I will bark and growl fearsomely.

Q: "Why does he always bark and growl fearsomely at me?"
A: Remember that part where you called me a puppy? It has to does with that. If you is one of the few small peoples who no has called me a puppy, it is because you is intruding on my territories and I feel you may pee on my bush at any minute. This would be an act of war, by the ways.

Q: "Can I pet him?"
A: Certainly you may, provided you sign this wavier first. It says that you no will sue my mama if I sinks my fearsome tooth into your little hand. Oh, you has to be able to read it though. So if you is under the age of kindergarten, you sadly no may pet me. Sorries.

These is some of the most common questions I gets from little peoples, can you tell how much I enjoys spending time with childrens?

 I loves them especially when they has treats!

About Me.

Click Here Reuben! 

My majestic tongue.

I no is exactly sure what Internets are, but I think they’re not anything I can chew on, pee on or lay on. And those are my favorite things. These are my other favorite things: getting belly rubs, rolling in the sun, eating, taking adventure walks and barking at orange kitties. And guarding my Chewy. It’s my chewy it’s my chewy it’s MINE!!!

My mama’s good friend from grade school (and other friends too) really like to hear about my fascinating adventures, which I has mostly every day. Peeing on the lemon balm plant is an adventure! It no matters that I do it every day. I’m trying to pee on the whole thing. It’s MINE!!!

Meghan asked my mama to make an adventure blog for me. My own dogblog! It’s MINE!!! But since I can’t chew or pee on it, Mama says I have to trust her that it has an existence. I no understands Internets, but if it leads to more belly rubs, I’ll do it.

This is my dogblog – Floppy Tongue Joy. The picture will explain why.

A really nice photographer found me wandering the mean streets of Greensboro, N.C. I was dirty and thin and a fleabag.  I had a mouth infection too; it hurt so bad I no had a bark (now I has a big bark).

Stacey took me home, bathed and fed me and gave me a blue and white snowflake blankie. Don’t touch my blankie – it’s MINE!!!
Then she went on a face book. Face books are on the Internets I guess, but since there no is food or chewies in any of those books, I has no particular interest. 

The woman who owns my mama’s favorite vintage store saw Stacey’s post and re-posted it. Post? Is the mail lady here!? I love to bark when she comes!

Anyway, my mama saw Kit’s post (and Stacey’s pictures of me) and she got an excitement. Mama said she wasn’t even looking for a dog. We has two super-annoying orange kitties; Mama got them even before my big sister Leah was born. Hatfield and Kanga no had an excitement about me becoming a Stroble. I had an excitement about barking at them every chance I got! I does that now too!

Hatfield is very suspicious. Here he is getting ready for court.

This is Kanga. If she looks blurry, it is because she always has a spazz. Here she is getting a "White Belly."

For Hatfield and Kanga I no has a particular like. They gives me an entertainment though.

Then – on a face book again – Mama’s old friend Meghan said I should has my own dogblog to tell all the friends and family about my adventures. I no has an actual age, and I mostly no has teeth, so you might think I no has adventures.

But I does! I love to go to the park and figure out what all other dogs have been through recently. Then I pee on whatever they peed on to let the whole world know that this telephone pole is MINE!!!

I even had a trip to the dog park a couple times. But the other dogs are so big, I has a frightened and try to hide behind Mama. There’s lots of interesting sniffs there though.

Most mornings I help take Leah to school. I ride in the car with my nose just barely poking out the window. Then we come home and I has a walk, and I check on my very important telephone pole. It’s MINE!!!

Mama and Daddy say they has a new girlfriend for me! It was Leah’s idea – she no has human brothers and sisters, so she can has two dachshunds. 

Her name is Ingrid and she’s from Greensboro too! I’ve been Reuben Stroble for almost one year. When Ingrid has an arrival, there will be two orange cats, three humans and two wiener dogs.
Alison, the same nice dachshund rescuer, got a stray Ingrid and my mama went through a face book and saw her. Jeez, is Mama in a face book all the time? (Right now she no has a job, so she has lots more time to give me belly rubs).
You may has noticed my majestic Snaggletooth and regal Floppy Tongue. Snaggletooth was just already there, but after mouth surgery (I losted 11 teeth!) I now has 11 teeth left. The rest of my teeth no can contain the amazingness of my Floppy Tongue. 

This dogblog will be all about my very interesting adventures, of which I has one almost every day. 

This dogblog exists because of Kit, Stacey, Alison, Meghan and my mama. 

Happy tails!

PS. It’s my blog it’s my blog it’s MINE!!!

And don’t forget Roo’s Power Of The Paw web site where we can stop over and wish our furry friends who are under the weather well.

Continuing to give something back on my ‘Share It Sunday’. We all share and we grow!

From the author Molly The Wally.


  1. WOW I have never seen such a tongue, EVER! HEY THERE MOLLY THE WALLY! See you tomorrow my friend!

  2. Oh my what a super cute tongue, great post and an adorable dog

    urban hounds

  3. Wow that's some cute though... Dogs teeth are as important as ours.So many dog owners don't clean their dogs teeth.
    Have a great Sunday xx00xx

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  6. We LOVE Reuben! What a beautiful story....

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. Hi Y'all,

    Just want to touch base with y'all. Looks like y'all are havin' a great Sunday!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. I love the tongue and the post and the graph about doxies!

  9. SO glad you have found a very happy home w/ orange kitties and another pup, too!

  10. OMD, I think Hatfield has hacked into my dogblog and posted untruths about me! Just for the record, I makes it clear that I NO IS ascared at the dog park. That is a LIE! I just prefers to protect my mama from behind the safety of her foots. Anyway, thank yous Molly for letting me do a guest posting! I has a great honor, and also you has reminded me that it is perhaps time to UPDATE the "about me" part on my dogblog, hehehehehe.


  11. What a tongue! I'm jealous:o)

  12. Glad to know Reuben is now in the best hands!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. We love Reuben! Love this post!

  14. Wow - I've never seen such a cute tongue like that before!
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    Your friends,

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  16. Hello from The Daily Corgi!

    We love our fellow low-riders, and YOU are full of personality.

    Corgially yours!

  17. Hi there Reuben, great to meet you. And I must say you do have the most awesomely impressive tongue.
    Oh and please say hi from me to your kind hostess Molly.
    Toodle pip!

  18. You DO have a magnificent tongue. And we didn't believe you were afraid of way. We know all about sneaky cats.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. You are awesome, Reuben! I'm glad you are living the good life now. We never believed for a minute that you were scared at the dog park! :-)

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    Susan and Wrigs

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    We think you have a very cool looking tongue.
    Yes, we know it is all yours! MOL!

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  22. Hello Molly, your friend Reuben is adorable :O) We went over to his bloggie and said 'Hi'.

    He certainly does that question and answer thingie rather well. Do u think he went to high school before he got adopted?
    Gin, Bud n Shadow

  23. This post put a huge smile on my face. I've had more than a few dogs with such amazing tongues that their teeth couldn't contain them. :)

  24. Hey Molly! Thanks for picking a guest post for me. What a terrific post too! Reuben is a real sweetie!

  25. Well that was one cute post...that reuben is one little cute dog...i liked him peeing on what is his...maybe i shall start doing that also!
    stella rose

  26. Bhahaha I'm laughing so much from reading this post! Fantastic tongue, I'm nowhere near it!

  27. OMG...this is sooo funny! I love it! I'm a big fan of Reuben's blog, and I feel there's a special connection between Reuben and me, because we have so much in common. We both got rescued, we both had dental problems, and we both ended up with super-loving mommies :)

    Thanks so much for hosting my post!!! I'll be so delighted if you do! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    And thank you, Reuben, for nominating me :)