Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover Part 2 On Wicked Wednesday!

So for your delectation we bring you some more of those horror e book we go.....

Which one was your favourite? Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover On Moanday Monday!

Self publishing is big business and just as there are some good books out there bad ones exist too and worse is a bad book with a bad book cover. So today we bring a selection of the worst e-book covers. Enjoy and maybe you might want to download some onto your kindle and then again maybe not.

Now which is your favourite?

Have a marvellous Monday all.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Share It Sunday, Wag N Woof Pets!

Nominated by last week's guest blogger Owned By A Husky!

FitDog Friday – We’re Back!

It’s been over a  month since we’ve done a FitDog Friday post!  I think I can say that February was one of the worst months this winter.  We tried to get outside every day, but often it was for a few minutes only due to the frigid, below zero temperatures.  We kept busy inside with training and nose work games for fun, but being outside is what we really want to do.
We are finally starting to see some days with a bit warmer temps (15-20 degrees is warmer!), where we could spend more time outside and I felt like bringing my camera with me.  Here’s some of the fun the crew had last Sunday:
Luke loves to steal the ball and take it up onto the deck and chew on it, torturing his sisters.  Our deck is about 8 feet high, but can you see where Cricket is?
Here’s the view from the other side:
Sheba got her turns with the ball(s) too!  She likes to strut when she has it!
Below, the snow is flying, and Cricket almost disappears!  The snow is actually finally packing down now, so it’s a bit easier for the dogs to run on there in most places.
Luke gets some air…..
….he and Cricket fight over the ball….
….and he tortures his sisters some more, by once again not giving the ball up!  Cricket does everything she can to get it out of his mouth.
They had a great time and got lots of exercise.  Hopefully there will be much more of this while the snow lasts!

Continuing to give something back on 'Share It Sunday'
We all share and we grow together.
Pop over and say hello and make a new friend.

From the author Molly The Wally.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Not Lost In Translation On Fun Friday!

After last week's disaster with the cat talking app we thought we'd have a look a dog talking again. 

Here is what are top five would look like.....

NB But we so appreciate considerate cyclist. 

So my anipals what would yours be?

Have a fabulous Friday all and don't get lost in translation.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

More Of Those Honest Slogans On Wicked Wednesday!

More of those honest slogans after we mused about how 50 shades would look given The Honest Slogan treatment on Monday. 


Have a wonderfully wicked Wednesday all and remember if you are in advertising don't forget to smile when you lie.