Friday, 19 September 2014

Quackers On Fun Friday!

There are many a mystery in the animal kingdom that leave us baffled but why a cat should choose to quack every time their humans coughs has to be one of them. Quackers yes, but wait till the end of this short video for the ultimate cute bit.

Have a fabulous Friday and let's all go quackers!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Moanday Monday & A Truce In No Man's Land!

So she who must be obeyed ignored said she'd had enough of the situation with Mr.Stinky. The last straw was the other day when we were off to the park and peeps was locking the front door with her back to the gate just as he was passing by. I lunged, she squealed in pain, he jumped in the air and all hell broke loose. Next thing I know my sorry butt is dragged mercilessly towards Mr.Stinky. I was forced to sit and shut up. She even glared at me whilst apologising to said man whose name is Brian. So she tells Brian to ignore me as I am all mouth and no trousers which actually is true. He then said he's be brave and give me a pet and OMD he did after I tried and run and hide behind peeps legs. Nope she was having none of it and made me sit right in front of him. Anyways turns out he is quite a nice chappy as he knew latin and knew what the tile on the side of our front door read. 'Beware of dog' from a famous mosaic in Pompeii. Well what can you do if a learned man appreciates us dogs and our famous guarding skill? Forgive and let's have a truce in no man's land. Not saying it will be waggy tails or anything but may be I'll find a new victim to terrorize. For now them I might be nice to Brian. Have you ever forgiven anyone?

Have a marvellous Monday all. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Share It Sunday, Zoe Schnauzer!

Nominated by last weeks guest blogger Mr.Jack Freckles!

I'm so fuzzy!

I got nom-ee-nated (thanks Mr. Jack Freckles) to be a part of Molly's  Share It Sunday
Thanks furs for bein part o' the fun here on this Bloggy thingy! An since my typist ain't too swift, I'm gonna post this now stead of waitin fur a few days. So yule be seein this again Sunday ofur at Molly's place. Nefur can get enuf of a good thing! Bol!

I'm so fuzzy,
Oh, so fuzzy,
I feel fuzzy an hairy an cute!
An I pity
Any pup who isn't me to boot.?

Ok, so it had to rhyme. Yeah, an I just made that up, off the top of my fuzzy lil head.

I am workin this fuzzy deal, lemme tell ya.  I ain't been groomed since way long time ago when Me an Tux stayed ofur night at the Pet Lodge place.
Mommy's been tellin me how fuzzy I am. Yeah, I'm jus that cute.
Gets me more cookies. All's I have to do is give that fuzzy lil urchin look an Bam! here comes a cookie. Well, most of the time.

I'm so fuzzy,
Oh, so fuzzy,
I feel fuzzy and hairy an cute...
Whut happened affer my lil song up there? Me an Tux got tossed in the S-Caw-Pay an rode an rode to the Pet Lodge. Tux to go to doggie day care, me to get groomed/tortured an hair shrinkied.
It wuz a turrible time. But I ain't fuzzy no more, no more.

Zoe Schnauzer!

Continuing to give something back on 'Share It Sunday'
We all share and we grow together.
Pop over and say hello and make a new friend.

From the author Molly The Wally.

Friday, 12 September 2014

When A Lark In The Park Is Too Much Fun On Friday!

The longest we have ever been in the park is just over 4 hours as I ran around refusing to come back as I was having such a good time. This use to be quite a regular occurrence much to the frustration of she who must be obeyed ignored. So this bought back happy memories and we thought why not just vocalise your protest? If you don't want to go you tell them. 

Have a fabulous Friday all and have fun.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Life Is Pants On Moanday Monday!

So you all know there is nothing like a good roll in stinky goodness. Well after they took down the big blue tent and all the festival goers had gone home.........

My park looked a bit ruff to put it mildly. 

So when she who must be obeyed ignored wasn't looking I attempted a good old roll.......

Thwarted I planned my next roll............

Needless to say she blew like a gasket. Screeching like a mad woman (she is) she grabbed me and dragged my sorry but home. 

Life is pants when you can't roll in stinky goodness. It was out with those smelly aloe vera wipes when I got home and she called me a filthy beast. Oh hum well tomorrow is another day.

Have a marvellous Monday all and don't forget to include some mischief today.