Tuesday, 21 February 2012

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Molly The Wally A Lark In The Park!

More Blog From The Log A Nibble on a Kibble!

I am distraught to see dried kibbles on the supper menu again. I absolutely refuse to eat dried rabbit droppings masquerading as dog biscuits. Therefore slightly obsessed with food. Stalking Patricia Cornwell on Twitter hoping that the famed Sleuth Kay Scarpetta will take to defrosting chicken for supper. Kay is always defrosting chicken and cooking up hearty Italian meals so I wait with bated breath. It’s only a matter of time and with the Pukka Pies I am in my own living hell. Opps got to go just seen a squirrel.


  1. Squirrels taste like chicken - quite delicious with satay sauce.

  2. You've been watching to much MasterChef. Sounds good to me. None caught today so will hop on a bus and buy some at Waitrose and pretend I caught them. Yum