Saturday, 10 March 2012

Blog From The Log, Soon To Be Twig!

Molly The Wally & Her Log!

The Demise of my log soon to be twig.

I am wearing black fur (Schwarzkopf) today in mourning for the demise of my log. All that is left of my friend is a mound of rotting wood. I remembered all the good times we shared like when I solved the problem of the euro zone crisis, ‘Pyramid Selling’! Then the problem of modern celebrity, ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’! I loved my log and will not forget it! Where will I go to ponder the deep intellectual musings that crowd my brain? How will I solve the whereabouts of the Higgs Boson, Lord Lucan and Shergar??? These things weigh heavy on my mind. As Gilbert would say ‘Alone Again Naturally’ when he wasn’t penning one of his operettas!


  1. Ha Gilbert O Sullivan and Gilbert & Sullivan - Clever!

  2. Never mind, I am sure thatvwith your super sleuthing skills you will soon find another log to love

  3. molly u r very disturbed...logs r for chasing.. not sitting on..woof woof

  4. a blog from a dog on a log...very clever