Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dog Blog Oh Johnny Depp

Molly The Wally Captain Peg Head.

Johnny Depp is proving popular.

I am inundated with emails from people who like the Johnny Depp pictures (also in my photo album).  It is with much consternation that I read these because nobody mentions little old me! Thus in response I have posted my own homage to the lovely Mr Depp, my fellow actor and much beloved celebrity. How will my impersonation be received? Will anybody like my character ‘Captain Peg Head?’ I await my ‘In Box’ to go ping but currently it is strangely quiet.

My mail box is empty
It really is quite bad
Alone here in cyber space
It’s making me quite sad
My mail box is empty
It really is quite bare
Send me a kind note then
Go on if you dare.


  1. Can't bear to hear you're so lonely & sad
    You don't deserve it when you haven't been bad
    I'm sure there will be plenty of friends to be had
    Especially when you look so mad !

  2. She is not just mad
    she is barking

  3. oh dear me molly...your offa ya trolly...