Thursday, 29 March 2012

Flog it Blog It! The Cam Dine With Me Saga.

Molly The Wally The Banker.

The Came’ Dine With Me’ saga hits politics.

As the ‘Came’ Dine With Me’ saga continues Ed Miliband has said he is "very happy" to publish details of all dinners he has had with major Labour Party donors. Unlike Dave’s posh nosh dinners Ed feeds his guests with finger food from Iceland washed down with Asti Spumante. Those who have partied like a celebrity include ‘Puss In Boots’ who commented that the frozen finger food gave him frost bite and the gassy beverage left him burping all the way home. Tin Tin added that he found the mini hot dogs offensive and the vegetable spring rolls were not too his taste. He further stated that he’d go for ‘The Dine In For Two For £50,000 offer next time as at least it would best suit his pallet. Major supermarkets are now offering meals for two for £49,999 in attempt to cash in on this very successful promotion.


  1. No wonder Puss in Boots was burping, mashed up fish sludge formed into fingers & Asti "Spew"manti. Yuk ! What a cheap skate (or cod, or haddock) !

  2. No more cod in the sea so it was haddock!!!!
    Best wishes Molly