Thursday, 1 March 2012

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Molly The Wally & The Pukka Pies!

An Ode to the pukka of all pies the pukka pie!

Devastated at the failure of my pie baking session and with no reply form ‘The Beagle Society’ have fallen into a deep melancholy. To make matters worse my human has eaten my Pukka pie stash. Morosely took the empty packets to my position at the back of the sofa and lay there for an eternity thinking of what could have been.  
Ho hum no yum for my tum
I’m feeling decidedly sad
They stole all my pies
Told loads of lies
And then said I was bad
Ho Hum feeling so glum
No pies to eat isn’t funny
Sad at the thought
Of the pies I had bought
That never saw my tummy
Oh Patricia Cornwell why is Kay Scarpetta not defrosting chicken breasts yet. Urgent request!!!!

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