Monday, 2 April 2012

Dog Blog What Crisis?

Molly The Wally The Banker.

mass-hysteria amongst motorists continues as the fuel strike threatens.

As mass-hysteria amongst motorists continues, due to predicted shortages in petrol stations, a representative for the petrol station owners association denies any shortfalls in supply. Customers should not worry as there are ample stocks of sandwiches, Pukka pies, crisps, newspapers and cold drinks. Mr Tightwad of Suburbia painted another picture when he told reporters at ‘Molly Media’ that he queued for 4 hours to purchase a box of Quality Street and a bunch of blue carnations for his wife’s  birthday. He further stated that this caused great friction between himself and his spouse. A sleepless night was spent on the sofa as a result of the event. David Cameron told shocked Ministers ‘ a bit of finger fancy fondants panic may be no bad thing’ as he set out his exceedingly determined plan to defeat the threatened strike by Mr Kippling and Co.

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