Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fog Blog, I Can See Clearly Now Says Mystic Molly!

Molly The Wally does Mystic Molly.

Aries March 21st to April 19th.

Your humans’ planets are dancing a celestial jig in the cosmos and therefore be weary of their restlessness this month. Take them for long walks, at breakneck speed and make sure they come home tired and covered in mud as a good soak in the bath may calm them down.

This sign is represented by the headstrong ram and therefore dogs who own an Aries human should bear this in mind when trying to get their own way. I suggest a good tactical approach would be ‘reverse psychology’ as these humans are often in too much of a hurry to spot they are being played. They are good champions of lost causes so a good tear jerking life history will help you manage your human with greater ease.  Energy and athleticism are Aries traits and therefore when outside they should be supervised closely and a strong extendible leash is recommended. Much as they are symbolised by the ram there is a little lamb in there so always play on that inner softness. A major health threat to your human is indigestion, so help them by drooling and begging at meal times so they eat moderately and you can have the rest.

Activity (take them with you to dog agility), winning (so never beat them at chase or any competitive sport), challenges (so be challenging) and spontaneity (so keep them on their toes).
Standing still (so no sniffing around and keep them moving), failure (let them win at’ tug of war’ even if they fall over when you let go of the rope toy) and oppression (so softly, softly catchy monkey and no bearing of teeth).

Remember your human is for life not just for Christmas.


  1. You're right Molly!!!
    Have a nice day.
    Woof, woof,


    P.S. Of course you can come where I live, i love my friends :)

    1. Ringrazio I miei occhiali da sole sono d'imballaggio come si parla. Auguri Molly.