Saturday, 7 April 2012

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Team GB goes Smurfing!

Planetary Chatter.

Apparently Venus humans would sound like growling Smurfs to anyone who’d care to listen in on our inane chatter on the planet! This ignores certain basic facts about Venus like that its 480 degrees Celsius on the surface and that the pressure is 96 times higher than Earth. Methinks a real human would sound like a very dead Smurf. Anyway you wouldn’t need to go to Venus to hear a growling Smurf you’d just need to queue up at a petrol station for hours on end. More growling Smurfs can be heard in bakeries across the country due to ‘The Hot Pie Tax’!!! Despite many years of space exploration, scientists have no evidence that Smurfs ever lived on Venus but there is strong argument that they did teleport to Earth and ended up in the Design studio of a the one responsible for team GB’s Olympic uniform.

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