Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dog Blog, The End Of The Campaign Trail and The X Files!

The End Of The Campaign Trail Argos Ad!

The End Of The Campaign Trail for Ken Livingston. 

Boris peddles against political gravity and bikes into a lead and will be mayor for a second term. My sources in Molly Media tell me singing can be heard at Newt HQ. On investigating it became apparent that the song was less ‘Congratulations’ but yet another rendition of ‘Cwying over me’ but this time accompanied by genuine tears.

Ode ‘Brother Ken Where Art Thou’!

Boris our learned boffin is mayor again
With scarecrow hair and mighty pen
With amusing banter and jovial manner
Into the newt’s campaign he threw a spanner
Londoners have voted him mayor once more
Whilst Ken’s bruised ego must be very sore
Alas poor Ken what will he do next
The outcome must have left him truly vexed
He tried so hard to win and be our boss
But now he can at least campaign for Argos.


  1. Hello dear Molly,
    how are you??
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,


    1. Hello Chicco
      Thank you and hope you have a lovely weekend too.
      Best wishes Molly