Friday 8 February 2013

(Thelma & Louise), Pip & Puddles Living It Large In London!

Trouble comes in Twos when Thelma & Louise, Pip & Puddles Go Large In London!

It was late at night when Pip and Puddles flew in on the red-eye. We drove through the deserted streets of London and stopped to take in the view before heading off to the Hilton Hotel where a luxury suite had been booked. 

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 1!

Puddles started to unpack.........!

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 2!

Puddles, how did you get that through customs? Jolly hockey sticks it is going to be mayhem in my manor. Hold on to your hats guys!

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 3!

Yep it was off to ‘Buck House’ to meet my best pal ‘Maj’. Things looked good as both put on their best attire and there was no mention of cheeseburgers or cheetos and beer! 

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 4!

Maj took Pip & Puddles onto that famous balcony and I have to admit I was feeling pretty good until..........????? Shock, horror whilst Thelma and Louise they had been waiting for an audience with Maj they decided to leave their mark for prosperity.

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 5!

Yikes, they’d only defaced a priceless portrait of Corgi 1 by Hans-Hol-Bone! Pip seems to have fun throwing tennis balls at it and Puddles thought her own artistic interpretation would further enhance this masterpiece. We quickly headed off to Number 10 before anyone noticed. 

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 6!

Now getting a bit big headed the pair decided to wear crowns in an attempt to look regal. Dave Cameron our Prime Minster (Just Call Me Dave) seemed quite impressed, until this happened............

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 7!

Puddles decided to try and dead Larry the Number 10 cat. Unfortunately Larry played dead and the whole sorry event was captured by the Pawparatzi! Time for a quick exit and over to ‘The Little Shop On The Corner’ Horrids to escaped the mayhem the duo had left behind

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 8!

We hid in ‘The Pet Spa’ as I thought nobody would recognise them with a blueberry face mask on. Sadly it was not to be! Pupcakes hit the wrong note and the terrible twosome started demanding cheeseburgers, cheetos and crates of beer. OMD this is turning into a disaster!

Did no one tell them they don’t do cheeseburgers, cheetos and beer in Horrids? So off down the rub-a-dub-dub (pub) for beer and fish N chips.

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 9!

Pip & Pip started on the old G n Ts’ whilst Puddles knocked back the pints. Things started to go awry when The 3 Ps’ though it was a smashing idea to have a pea-fight. They pinged peas until the locals threw them out............yep we got barred.

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 10!

Maybe a spin on the London eye was not such a good idea? I hope they got good cleaners?

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 11!

The morning after the night before was one I’d rather forget. The Pips took the whole Rock N Roll lifestyle to heart. No televisions were hurt in the making of this post but then again I did not check the bedrooms.

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 12!

A quick tour of ‘The Tower Of London’ but the mention of the dungeon had the gruesome twosome running for cover to ‘Trafalgar Square’. Ominous dark clouds were gathering and I could feel a chill in my spine. Had Maj discovered her painting had been given a Pip & Puddles make-over? Was Larry The Cat really dead? Were all the TVs trashed at the Hilton? 

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 13!

Time for our intrepid explorers to make a run for it. News was out. They are wanted by Interpol, Her Majesties Beefeaters, MI5, FBI, CIA, KFC, the Po-Po and the Cats Protection League. Holy Moley they are truly on the run now!

Pip & Puddles Go Large In London 14!

Where will they end up next????? What mischief and mayhem will they unleash on their unsuspecting host? Will they be arrested before Pip & Puddles complete their World Bucket Tour or will they simply drive off the edge of a cliff never to be seen again like Thelma & Louise????? No chance, P&P masters of disguise and trained in the deadly art of Fangchew will crashing into your life anytime soon. Watch out, be very afraid!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That was fantastic..all the We needed that great laugh guy's rock xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Bwhahahahaha...Oh dat was fun...I has to go find more paintings to redecorate.
    Hope Pip didn't hurt his shoulder throwin' dat tennis ball. But I has medicinals fur it cuz I is a nurse.


  3. BOOOOOOOMBS AWAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha...did ya'll sees da look on dat guy's face when I dropped dat water balloon from da balcony?
    Okays I do it again...
    BOOOOOOOOMBS AWAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! Bwhahahahahahaha...oh I cracks myself up.
    We gots anymore balloons?

    PS: I thinks dat was Prince Charles I just bad

  4. OMD I was on the edge of my seat. I really thought they were going to get caught this time. It looks like once again they got away just in time. Unbelievable! Molly you really showed them around London, I hope I can visit you some day. If I do I hope we can fish and chips.

    Loveys Sasha

    P.s. I heard that Whitney(Puddles sister) is having a yard sale with all of Puddles toys and bowls. I wonder if Puddles knows?

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I is gonna has NO toys lefted when I get home! OMD, I will has to gets some from da Corgis.


  6. The Queen, The Queen ...I carried this Cheeseburger wrapped in paper towels all the way from Chicago. Well, yes, it is a little cold, but just give it a zap in the old microwave and everything will be fine do have microwaves around this here old palace? How about a couch? I am feeling a little tired from the trip. Oh and look at this fancy rug ...perfect for a good rub down, have a few crumbs on my mouth I need to leave behind ....

    OK, now about this paintings ...they could all could use a modern twist ...where are my paw paints

  7. Oops, one of Puddles water balloons went astray and knocked over that statue that a problem?

  8. Well hello, Larry the Cat ...I come from far away, but I am a friend to kitties everywhere (insert sound of hissing) OK, guess you are not in the mood for talking ...

  9. OMD! Y'all TRASHED that posh room! :O Oooo the Queen is gonna be PO'd! :O

    BOL! Molly WELL DONE! Bravo! might want to wear a disguise when you go out in public for a while. Like the next decade! ;D

    Waggin at ya,

  10. We should put shavin' creams on Larry da Kitteh while he sleepin'.
    Let's takes a pikture too.


  11. What a story! I've been to Harrods,the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and I've even seen the Queen close-up so I could just picture the whole sordid event ;-)

  12. You're a great hostess Molly but those two are simply incorrigible...nothing you could have done to make them behave...I think that jet is a trick and those are impostors...I have it on good authority that P & P left town in a mysterious blue pawleece box and could end up anywhere in the galaxy...Happy Friday

  13. And a good time was had by all...Hope you won't have to pick up the charges Molly!

    Have a great weekend!

    Nanina and Poppy

  14. Well you two did it again, raised the roof on London. Hope the Queen was forewarded about you two. We sure enjoyed this stop. Take care.

  15. I am thinking I should bring Larry the Cat home for a gift for Rosie. She needs a boy toy since Alien dumped her. Do we have an extra wig for him?

  16. Woof! Woof! Harrods is one of my mom's favorite place to visit. LOVE the movie poster. They sure had a great time. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. Lemme look in my bag and sees what kina wigs we has (fumbling through bag).
    Let's see...we has a dreadlock wig, a red clown wig, pink dat won't do. Heres one....a Queen's wig.
    Will dat work?


  18. I can tell they had the time of their lives!!! But I do hope Larry is OK. Maybe it was just a cat nap. Do ya think the Queen will invite them back? Yea I bet she will. I know she secretly had a good time too.

  19. The Queen's wig! Perfect! Larry, wake up you are coming with us where is Molly and the other Pip let's get some fish and chips

  20. Amazing adventure! We loved it . Very funny and to think they made a good getaway....
    Ernie and all the furkids

  21. Do you need to change your name Molly or perhaps a move is in order? After that ordeal, we think at least you need to go underground for a while. Holy Guacamole ~ All that madness, all that mayham, all that fun! We don't think the Maj will ever be the same again. And we know that Larry, oh poor Larry, will need to see the Royal Vet fur sure.

    We cant tell you enough Molly what an excellent host you were! That was fantastic. We felt like we were right there with you. Oh how I wish we really were.....

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  22. OMD I A Fashionably late! YOU TWO are painting London red, livin' large, burning the midnight oil...and taking me along for yet another fun ride.

    That pic with the "meds" for "medicinal purposes only" is a RIOT! DRIVE and DRINK responsibly, now you two...or I see MIZ MOLLY has joined the shenanigans!


  23. OH NO... Not the Painting and Poor LARRY??? I fear that Maj is gonna call out the Royal Guard to go after these two ROYAL PAINS.
    OMD... Pip is supposed to be taking it EASY... and just LOOK at all the BANG Aides he has on him.
    You took them to Horrids? What were you thinking Molly? We are stunned that they didn't end up in the TOWER after all this.
    Jolly Old England is NEVER gonna be the SAME.

  24. We are thinking Scotland Yard might be on the next place - following the troublesome twosome to their next stop - questions to answer!!! I hear there will be some 'excessive' mini bar charges heading their Mom's way too!

  25. The other Pip sure can throw back the pints ...look at him go. I am thinking we should order more room service and then take a dip in the pool.

    Uh, OP (Other Pip) you might want to take that lampshade off your head before we go to the pool.

  26. Well molly what can I say..........doing it large.....its only rock and roll.....I think they should make a movie with you guys and girls....rat pack eat your heart out!

  27. Oh my Pugness that was hysterical, love the photo with the queen and the pic of you all by big ben, you really had your hands full there Molly! I can see you showed them all the wonderful sights but will Pip & Puddles complete their World Bucket Tour??? Hmmmmmm.... I dont know about you but I have my nose to the ground smelling some serious trouble!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. OMD's! This is the funniest thing I have ever read in my life! Will you ever be able to show your face in London again Molly? I sure would be afraid!!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  29. Oh we loved reading about your adventure...I am so glad that you guys decided to bring larry back so he can experience living in the usa. We are still laughing!!!!
    stella rose and maggie

  30. Oooooooh....does they has them drinks withs da cute little umbrellas at da pool? I likes those.
    Okays, lemme just go brush my hairs and then will go....and when OP does sumptin' withs dat lampshade.


  31. What a wonderful trip! You sure did show the dynamic duo one heck of a good time Molly!

  32. Molly I think the Scotland Yard PoPo guys are gonna be at your door... any second now.

  33. Oh MY! London will never be the same after this. I think the Queen may decide to abdicate so she won't have to deal with these sorts of visits anymore.

  34. You met the Queen! Holy moly, if she ever knew. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  35. Talk about being treated like royalty! What a wonderful visit. I hope you all can handle the clean-up and pay all the fines that I'm sure were assessed. I think you showed P & P a wonderful time!

  36. Hey Molly,

    Pip and Puddles sure are living the dream, I need to get on one of those planes and come and visit you too!! Mum never lets me - doh!!

    Mum's been to that pet spa too, she loved it, so when do I get to go, I'm the dog!!

    Have a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  37. Those two are a real handful. They are coming here in a few weeks so I better try to prepare for the mayhem.


  38. Larry is feeling better and has hit the mini-bar...ruh roh he is getting mad cause there are no more sardines. Quick somebody pull the wig over his eyes and let's hit the pool

  39. OMD OMD the WORLD will never be the same when these two get done. What a great time!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  40. Adorei *-* Suas aventuras são sempre incríveis!!!

    Super beijos e maravilhoso final de semana!!!!

  41. We think we might have caught the tail end of a report about this on CNN! These two are sure living large. Wondering how Puddles's baggage did not get broken - BOL!

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  42. OMD's Molly do not be surprised if you receive official mail from Maj telling you that you and your peeps have been excommunicated from the U. K.!!! Scandal and rumors must be running rampant over London town about the exact identity of the Power Pair of P's who came,saw, conquer and left in under 24 hours.
    HOWEVER, this being said I, Madi the Mayor Diva, Cougar Khat will have to discuss the mistreatment of
    Larry the feline from # 10!!

    Dear Molly Peeps this is hilarious!! I'm not sure which picture made me laugh the most.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  43. Oh that was an adventure, please tell me the trick to get all this fabulous things through the customs ;o) Oh you must be happy to live in London - I like it very much, hope I can visit your fabulous place soon ;o)Thanks for sharing this adventure with me ;o)

  44. Cliff hanger yep those two are going to be hung from a cliff by their toe nailes if they ever get caught.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  45. I was drooling over the burgers, Cheetos and beer until I saw the fish and chips!!! YUMMMMM!!!
    I'm really glad your Pip got to go on a cool adventure, too!

  46. Ummmm...I needs a littl help gettin' outta dis lampshade.

  47. That post just cracked me up, it got the chuckle muscles working.

    ps Can i borrow that learn to speak dog photo from your sidebar please.

    Have a great Friday.


  48. Fantastic tour guys. We knew we could trust Molly to show you a good time in London. But did you know that Gail used to work in the office just about Pip's left ear in the Trafalgar Square photo? She was used to seeing all sorts of famous people go by when she worked in that part of London, but none so famous as the awesome Pip and Puddles, for sure...
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail says she thinks Nelson Mandela might by just a smidge more famous than P+P, but I'd say it's a close run thing.

  49. This was a fantastic leg of the tour! So Pip and Puddles managed their getaway...but will the Po Po come after YOU instead?

  50. What a fabulous adventure! I bet Betty would love the spa!

  51. Brilliant, that was sooo funny!
    We could just imagine those two doing all that, London will never be the same again!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot
    ps, you could have bit Dave while you were there.

  52. Molly, you're going to have to lay low for awhile until the smoke clears!!! Can't believe they defaced the Royal Corgi!

    Enjoyed their adventures. Well done.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  53. Please keep them over there so America will be safe!! BOL!!!! HEEEHEEE!! Thanks for the laughs Molly!!


  54. I think this is what would happen if Pocket and I came to visit

  55. BOL I've been laughing my head off at this, trust puddles to deface the queens paintings!!!! BOL I bets London wont forget Puddles and Pip any time soon!!!
    Love Milo :)

  56. Molly, you are a totally cool tour guide. London will never be the same after a visit from Miss Puddles and Pip. You've made us laugh again! Thanks heaps. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  57. Gasp! Did Pip and Puddles do all THAT! It certainly looks like you showed them a good time or maybe they showed you a good time.

  58. Living it large is right! What fun they must have had :-)

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  59. Though glad to see they arrived safely, this visit was anything "but safe". Hopefully all will be able to kick back 'n relax a bit before moving on...
    what a fantabulous visit!

  60. wow what a fabulous time! Pip got to meet the Queen! How wonderful!! Oh and the fish and chips looked DELICIOUS!

  61. Wow--what a crazy adventure! We hope none of this gets pinned on you, Molly! (Guilty by association.)

    Susan and Wrigs

  62. I now realize what a boring life I have.

    Critter Alley

  63. That was awesome. Have a great weekend.

  64. What an adventure...and oooh pints and fish and chips don't hurt!

  65. United Corgis, the Queen is OUR !!!

    Ps: take us somewhere, say Nana and Uyanga !

  66. Ohhhhh Myyyyyy! Thanks for the memories and trashed London, go hide Molly. Interpol will be on this, bet your sweet face on it. Bites has a special post about the police thingy coming out soon at a Computer near you!

    You Pals
    Sus & Bites

  67. OMD!! Oh, Molly this was a GREAT post!! I have been wonderin' where the hell the two P's have been (I musta missed the last installment...darn assistant!). I am so glads that the P's weren't stopped at Customs with all that liquor! Whew! I bets you had to pull some strings Molly. Thou, I see you couldn't save them from the defacing of the poor portrait...could be worse, she could have done it to Kate's portrait (I hear it's not very flattering..??). Anyhu, now that they have trashed all of London and the whole world's PoPo forces are after em', I wonder just what city they're gonna hit next???
    Thanks Molly!

  68. What an adventure!!! They had the best time - given what Puddles was unpacking when she got there, how could they not? :)

  69. Molly....
    I've been a stranger in these parts of Blogville, lately!! It feels so good to be back!! ;-D
    I love that top picture of you with Pip and Puddles!! Your facial expression says: "Behave now, boys!!"
    Puddles....!! Oh, my, my, my.... ;)
    Pip!! Do not hurl tennis balls at that picture!! Oh.... ;)
    Puddles!! You should not "dead" cats!! Oh dear.... ;)
    Cheeseburgers, cheetos and CRATES of beer?! Oh no.... ;)
    A pea-fight?! Oh, grow up.... ;)
    Pip and Puddles.... You are bad to the bone!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  70. Puddle dog, Pip dog where have you been?
    We've been to London to visit the Queen!

    Puddle dog, Pip dog, what did you there?
    We left a "present" under her chair!

  71. Wow! What a time!! This has to be one of the best stops yet! And my favorite was seeing P&P on that private jet. I am so totally impressed!!

  72. Fabulous - I really enjoyed this!

  73. What a wonderful trip! It made my mom think of going to that place again because my Sister Rosie is there. That fish and chips is always my mom's favourite but she never shares any with me at all. :(

  74. Looks like a great time. Lee and Phod whose man loves London.

  75. Oh my CAT! You guys tore up the town for SURE! Pooooooor Larry - MOL!!

  76. Well, this is gonna set Anglo-American relations back about 240 years. Good thing HRH has such a good sense of humor, what with her jumping out of choppers and all that. At least you kept calm and carried on, Molly. Good show!

  77. Wow, you all really did the big tour of London! The Queen must be so very honored to have seen you. I bet she'll remember this her whole life. Great tour!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  78. Oh my, do you think London will ever recover from their visit?

  79. Woweee!!! You all sure did have quite the visit there in London!! It just doesn't get any better than that!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  80. OMD!! WHAT an adventure!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  81. London will never be da same after Pip and Puddles' visit! OoH My!!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  82. I hope they're coming for Brazilian Carnival!!!
    OMC, how funny this crazy trip was! The photos are so cute and funny! If they could invite me I swear I can behave (just like they did, of course!)
    Licks from Pink

  83. I've seen Pip go rock star before. He starts talking in a fake british accent and hurling things around. Oh, wait. Maybe that was me...

    Good thing Nurse Puddles had those pink band-aids to patch him up!

    Hmm. We'd better bribe the media to cover up the Larry incident....

    Great pictures!


  84. We are relieved Pip and Puddles eluded the authorities. We hope you do not face any unpleasant repercussions due to their shenanigans.