Sunday 26 May 2013

Share It Sunday, Stella Rose Long!

Nominated by last week’s guest Murphy and Stanley!

Park Day!

Thank you FINN, CHARLIE, and GIZMO for hosting this event.

Our local park is very small and is right since it is by the Des Moines River, which means in this past week it flooded. The water was past the swings and up to the slide, and since none of us puggies are good swimmers Mom told us we could not walk down to observe what all the commotion was all about.  Instead we had to contend with the baby swing in our back yard!

Mom told us that we were going to the great land of pretend and all I was thinking is "we are going to the land of the lazy!"   Geeze she could have put us all in the car and taken us to the real dog park but Mom said, "No" cos Gussie is still getting his baby shots.  My suggestion to that was to keep him at home!!

Gus: Come on Mom lets go play in the yard, ahhhh what is a yard? 

Maggie: I am not going anywhere with any of you, cos I am still having my little 'woman" issue and I am a big crab butt, AND I have a pimple on my face!!

Stella: Look this is how you do a swing!!!

And this is how you do a park bench...yes that is my stroller in the backyard of the park LAST YEAR...remember we are pretending cos mom is to lazy busy to take us to a park.

Gussie:  No Stella Rose this is how you do a swing!!

Sometimes I wish I was the only child.

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  1. We met Stella Rose at Park Day and loved her creative take on a park visit...Also really loved the "Pooh" quote...Good to see her here today

    PeeEss Here's a link for you Molly:

  2. Those are the cutest little woofies!!!

  3. We love pugs , their eyes are magic! Where is the land of the lazy? I'll bet that's a very cool place... Thanks for sharing Molly - have a super Sunday :o)

  4. We love them too! Those little faces always make us smile too!

  5. Thanks for sharing Molly! We just love Stella Rose and Gus!

  6. Haha, I love those puggies too, Molly!
    Thanks for sharing today,
    Have a super week
    Pippa :)

  7. We love Stella, Maggie and little Gus xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Nice to meet you stella, Maggie and Gus. Have a great Sunday molly.

  9. Oh the very cuteness of those Puggle Wuggles! !!!

  10. OMD Don't know how we missed this on Sunday. Stella Rose, Maggie and Gussie are great furiends of ours. We love them.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta