Friday 12 July 2013

Flog It Blog It, What The Dog Ate!

Molly The Wally Reads What The Dog Ate!

What The Dog Ate By Jackie Bouchard.

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The vet handed Maggie Baxter a plastic specimen bag containing a pair of size-tiny lavender thong panties extracted from her dog; but they were not hers. Or rather, they were hers now since she'd just paid $734 to have Dr. Carter surgically remove them from Kona's gut.

This is how Maggie Baxter, a practical, rule-following accountant, discovers that her husband of seventeen years is cheating on her. All her meticulous life plans are crushed. When he leaves her for the other woman, Maggie and her the-world-is-my-smorgasbord chocolate Lab, Kona, are left to put their lives back together. As Maggie begins to develop a Plan B for her life, she decides to be more like Kona. No, she's not going to sniff crotches and eat everything that isn't nailed down; rather she'll try to approach life with more ball-chasing abandon. Finding herself in situations where she begins to go through her usual over-analysis of the pros and cons, she stops and instead asks herself: What would Kona do? With Kona as her guru, Maggie begins her quest for tail-wagging joy.

"What the Dog Ate" is a funny, tender story of mending a broken heart and finding love and a new life right under your nose, with woman's best friend at your side. If you enjoyed Claire Cook's "Must Love Dogs" or Lolly Winston's "Good Grief," you'll love "What the Dog Ate" and be rooting for Maggie and Kona.

About the Author

Jackie Bouchard ( was born in Southern California and lived there until she and a friend got the crazy idea to move to Bermuda. It turned out to be not such a crazy idea after all since she met her husband there. After Bermuda, she and her husband moved to Canada, then to the east coast of the US, and ultimately back to San Diego. Jackie used to be trapped in the hamster wheel of corporate America, but she was bitten by the writing bug and ultimately managed to escape. Jackie loves: reading, writing, and, yes, even 'rithmetic (seriously, algebra rocks), professional cycling, margaritas, dogs in general, her crazy rescue pup specifically, and her hubby. (Not in that order.) Jackie dislikes: writing about herself in the third person and rude people. Her work has been published in "San Diego CityBeat" and the San Diego Writers, Ink's anthology, "A Year in Ink, Vol. 3." "What The Dog Ate" is her first novel. Connect with her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@JackieBouchard). Jackie blogs at
For a first time author this is a wonderful and charming book and we highly recommend it for an easy Summer time read. Just the ticket for taking on holiday or simply sitting in the garden having a read while soaking up the sun, We rate it five stars. Well done Jackie.

Molly The Wally Reads What The Dog Ate!


"...belongs on reading lists everywhere. It is good reading at its best!"
- Readers' Favorite

Named one of the best dog books of 2012 by Bouchard "writes in a natural, accessible style and Maggie is a profoundly appealing character that the reader roots for. Yes, it's about a broken heart, but it's also quite funny."

A "perfect beach read"
- Kristin Durham, Kritter's Ramblings

"...well-paced, humorously told and rife with keen observations of the human condition."
- Brian Douglas,

"Great characters and character development, including Kona (the dog); Gritty, real dialogue; Hilarious situations (canine and otherwise); Strong plot"
- Roxanne Hawn, award-winning Champion of My Heart blog

"Run, do not walk, to get this book: It's THAT good."
- Carol Bryant, Fidose of

"I would read this book again, because I liked the way it made me feel not just in sections, but all the way through. That is the highest praise I can give a book."
- Tara Fox Hall, Good Book Alert blog


  1. Jackie's book sounds really good, just like her blog! But imagine eating a pair of pants!! Yuck!
    Pippa :)

  2. We'll check that out! Thanks.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Looks like a good read
    Benny & Lily

  4. sounds like a good book

    urban hounds

  5. Gotta love a good book. Better check this one out.

  6. Miz Molly, you look just the perfect part for book critic extraordinaire!!!!!!!

    This really sounds like a good read, because great stories come from real life faux pas and unfortunate circumstances turned humorous. Oh how I need to find this book!!!!!!!

    You're the best. You sniff out the funniest situations. LOVE YOU ALL!

  7. We're always looking for a good read! Thanks for the great review Molly.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. THAT sounds like a good read fur sure.

  9. Sounds like a great book to read on a warm sunny day

  10. Yes, that does sound woofie good Molly!

  11. Wow, you sure look smart with those reading glasses, Molly! That sounds like a great book! Have a great weekend! :)

  12. That sounds like a funny way to start off a story! We will look for it in our library! Havea great weekend Molly!

  13. I was going to say sounds like a book to read at the beach, but somebody already said it, so I'm not saying anything. No comment from me today, sorry!

  14. Well, now, that's something I've never heard of happening!! Kona is a good friend. A very good best friend. She let Jackie know in her own way what was going on. I'll have to check that book out! :)

  15. I know it's a good book ;-) I highly recommend everyone gives it a read!

  16. Thanks for a wonderful review Molly. Can you come over tonight and read it to me?
    In old times the answer to the question what the dog ate was easy: the homework :o) have a great weekend and a super friday :o)

  17. Thanks so much, Molly for the kind words! It's so nice as a writer to hear that someone enjoyed my book! Thanks for the 5-star rating. You made my day! (And you look so adorable in your reading glasses!!)

  18. Hi Y'all!

    Oh dear, how sad that the hubby couldn't be faithful. I've always preached that you Humans need to live your lives moment by moment...glad Kona could help her human live life.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  19. Sounds like a good book Molly, great review. Have a wonderful Weekend xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. 5 stars! It must be good!
    Play bows,

  21. That sounds like a good book, I love those overcoming adversity books with some humour added.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  22. Oh boy, sounds like a good one! Happy Friday!

  23. This sounds like a book Mommy would like! She's going to look out for it. :)

  24. Thanks for this review Molly! We just popped over to Amazon and ordered it for Mom's tablet, she can read it while we are camping this weekend
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  25. Great review on a great book and blogger, I visit her blog as well. Molly you are quite the studious one this week! heehee xoxoxo kirby and leah

  26. Dakota reviewed this quite some time ago on his old blog (that is why the comments didn't move over with his blog post), it remains one of our all time FAVES! I ADORED IT!

  27. Sounds pretty good to me to!xx Speedy

  28. Molly....
    First things first. I love, love, love that picture of you!! Too cute!! ;)
    "What the Dog Ate" sounds like an intriguing read!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  29. Wow, what a way to find out something like that! Sounds like a great book, thanks for the review Molly! Happy weekend wishes to you all :-)

  30. Great review Molly...Momz has this on her Kindle already and I'm waiting for her to read it to me Happy Friday!

  31. I see you give it your paw of approval, Molly! Looks like it's a must read even though it's about a woofie ;)) Perhaps there is a cat in it!! mol

  32. This sounds like a good book. Thanks for the review Molly, our Mama is going to check it out.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  33. Hi Molly! Fabulous review - and your pictures are amazing! <3

  34. This sounds like a wonderful book!! We just love your pics!! Thanks for sharing the book review...we are headed over to purchase the Kindle edition for Mama! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  35. Hi Molly **waves paw** What a pawsome review, mummy wants to read it, loving your specs i need some of them too with my bad eyes, might help with my bad spelling spelling BOL BOL xxxx

  36. Another book!Oh Dog!Where are we going to keep it? May be we should just stop getting paper books and settle on kindle ones.

    Yoohooo Molly, good to seee you. Howdy? You look real good in all your pictures.
    Have a great weekend,
    Ginger, Buddy n Shadow

  37. I'm in the middle of reading this book right now, and am thoroughly enjoying it!
    You look so cute in those reading glasses, Molly. Wish I looked that cute in mine. :)
    Jan, Wag 'N Woof Pets

  38. wow Molly, dog authors abound! Great review, lady. Mama FINALLY gotted her Kindle for PC thingy going and we is reading your squirrel book. It is FULL of good advices about squirrel chasing and digging - truly you is a master in both of these fields, highly qualified to write The Book on squirrel chasing and digging.


  39. I love that chair!

    I've never heard of that book. Since you gave it such an excellent review, I'm just gonna have to check it out.

  40. Oh my goodness! Thanks to her dog that her husband’s affair was revealed! This is the most outrageous story involving a pet friend in the story. I love it! It’s truly one of a kind and a bit hilarious too! Thanks a lot for sharing! I was really haunted by it. It’s definitely a must read!

    from Annie Cook @PhD Degree Programs