Friday 17 January 2014

Fog Blog, I Can See Clearly Now Says Mystic Molly!

Molly The Wally, Mystic Molly.

The Capricorn Furry Friend, December 22nd to January 19th.

Ruler, Earth.

Symbol, The Goat.

Most compatible with, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Capricorn anipal, if they were a brand, they would be the Gucci of the zodiac. They yearn for nothing more than success and status. With their strong head for business they will never go hungry or be without. This is just as well as they like all the best things in life. They demand the best food, the best beds and the best toys. Second best does not feature in their vocabulary. Superbly disciplined your furry friend will not tolerate slackers. Their mantra is time is money. They are the masters of managing time and space. So they appreciate hard workers for the harder their owners work the more there is in the piggy bank to buy all those luxuries that the Capricorn anipals need to feel happy. They have big ideas and lofty ambitions. Dignity is a must at all times and you will never see them laughing. You are more likely to see them with a knowing smirk on their faces and a twinkle in their eyes. Life is one big game and they are never happier than when checking out what is in the doggy bank and planning on how to spend it. Remember when it comes to a Capricorn, cheap is a word used only for birds.

The Capricorn furend has very high standards indeed. If you think they are looking at you and judging you that is because they probably are. Get use to it as you have the hardest taskmaster there. No slacking off when there are things to be done. No use trying to sit down and watch your favourite TV program when it is time for walkies or dinner. You will be told in no uncertain terms that you have stepped out of line.

Your star will never allow mess in the house. They would never chew furniture or soft furnishings. They like their surrounds to be pleasing to the eye. They are elegant and poised and have high moral values. They will never sneak food when you are not looking. Why bother when all they have to do is give you one of those disapproving looks.  You will always be reminded that sharing is caring.

If you share your life with a Capricorn you know you have the most patient and mature of all the signs. Just being around a Capricorn will suddenly make you be careful with money, pay your bills on time and want to start up your own fortune 500 business. Certainly this anipal will inspire you to achieve much greater things in your career or business. This is because they are sending you subtle subliminal coaching 24/7. Listen closely and you will hear the words, winner,winner, chicken dinner.

Remember your human is for life not just for Christmas.

If you missed all about your Capricorn human you can find here.


  1. Molly! You are so mystical!! Magical in fact and we learn so much from you!! Happy Friday!

    xo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. ...winner, winner....teeehhheeeeeeee

    Oh MIZ MOLLY, you are funny...XOXOXO!

  3. Just love that picture Molly. Have a super weekend, forecast Rain and more Rain. xxxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Oh that is very interesting and funny Molly :P , thanks for sharing

  5. I think a capricorn girl is not really made for me, my pockets are empty LOL. Many thanks that I can see clearly now too, Molly! Have a super friday!

  6. OMD...I should have been a Capricorny...

    (Mom just gave me a funny look)

  7. You look so insightful Molly! We do love the reading for Capricorns today!

  8. Hehehe..winner winner chicken dinner! :) Happy Friday Molly!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  9. Thanky Molly!
    Have a goood Friday and a great weekend!!!

  10. poor capricorn had to wait for the holidays to be over before it got noticed. :)

  11. No Capricorns in this household :) :)

  12. WE heard it... Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! YES we DID Molly!!

  13. Mummy is a capricorn, that must be why she nags daddy so much for being lazy LOL

  14. Molly my human is a I clicked on that link..I especially like this
    'This sign is represented by the goat and therefore dogs who own a Capricorn human should remember that these creatures are practical and prudent. They are capable of persisting for a long time until they achieve their goals. Therefore make sure you set them difficult objects to keep them preoccupied.'
    I think this means she is a tad stubborn as in the diet she has me on that makes me get in her face.
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  15. What else do you see in those crystals

  16. Very interesting Molly! I did not know Leo was a goat!

  17. This is the best thing to remember! Remember your human is for life not just for Christmas. No Capricorns in our house, though.

  18. I love it when you can see in your crystal ball or whatever


  19. Wow you look so great Molly. Licks from Laika.

  20. We're echoing Amber: We ought to have been Capricorns! :-)

    Happy weekend to you, Molly.

    Nicki & Derry @ Fuzzy Tales

  21. Molly, we love your look. :) :)

    Have a great weekend!
    Momo & Pinot xo

  22. Oooooo...very cool Molly!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  23. We don't haz any Capricorns here but we think our sister Georgia should be one. Why you ask? Cause she is stubborn like a goat. MOL!

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  24. This made my mom laugh as it reminded her that she has two typical Capricorns in her family, her own mom and her niece. Her mom is VERY good at money thingy and her niece is reading accounting.

  25. Wow! Who knew a goat could be so interesting!

  26. "Your human is for life, not just for Christmas!"
    Ha roo roo roo!!!
    Play bows,

  27. Not sure I know any Capricorns. They sound fun. :)