Sunday 19 January 2014

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Starting The Year Off With An Adventure

Bunny here at the keyboard to share the first adventure of 2014.

We have a bit of a family tradition to go out hiking on the first day of the new year.  This is a tradition that I am very fond of, and so is everyone else here.  Every year, we go to Starved Rock State Park to see the frozen waterfall in Saint Louis Canyon.  Morgan and I were both eager to get our adventure underway.  We had new gear and it was a perfect opportunity to try it out.  Flattery and Küster stayed home because Dad was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to make it up and down all the steps if he had to carry Flattery.  I hear there is a hike planned with the two of them for this weekend.

Hiking Buddies!

Usually, it’s a pretty short hike, which is okay for the first hike of the year.  This year, the road down the hill to the parking lot was “closed for the season.”  That doesn’t stop intrepid explorers like us.  We parked at the top of the hill and were glad that it was going to be a longer hike that we could really sink our teeth into.

Red berries in the snow!

To make things even more perfect, it began to snow as we were getting ready to go.

A New Year’s Day hike is even better with pretty snowflakes falling down.  Earlier in the day during morning turn out, Dad noticed that Flattery and I were both picking our feet up a lot because of the cold.  Mom said that sealed the deal and she was sure I was going to wear my boots for the hike.  I admit, I wasn’t thrilled about her picking my feet up to put them on, but once we got started on the trail, I was glad to have them. They kept my feet dry and warm and the rubber on the bottom gave me some extra traction.

The pink team!

Mom tried out her YakTrax, too, and she was glad she got them.  The new pink hiking shoes stayed at home because she wanted to wear her warm boots.  The walk down the hill to the trail head was pretty slippery, but Mom and I were as sure-footed as mountain goats.  Dad and Morgan did a little slip sliding around and Dad said he’s going to get himself a pair of YakTrax.  Morgan insisted that Shepherds don’t need such frippery and she’s probably right.  I don’t think she felt even a little bit cold and her feet didn’t get wet, so that wasn’t a worry.  She does have some Pawz boots that she carries in her back pack, but she kept them in there.

The red team!

The sign about the road being closed kept a lot of people from making the hike to the canyon this year.

This was the first year we’ve seen the road closed, but every year it gets harder to maneuver.  We have a feeling they closed the road so that people wouldn’t slide down the hill in their cars and not be able to stop at the parking lot.  It also seems to have kept a lot of the riff raff out.  Last year there was a rude herd of Boy Scouts down there running around and breaking as much ice as they could.  This year, only the hearty souls who really wanted to see it ventured down, and the falls were a lot more pristine.

We certainly were not disappointed when we arrived at the end of the canyon.  The frozen waterfall was gorgeous and beautifully formed.  It looked a bit like an ice castle.  It’s not hard to dream of fairy tales in a place like that.  It’s hard to believe it was ever tainted by violence.  It’s also hard to believe that it’s the same place that we see during other seasons of the year.  You’d never guess that the waterfall could be that spectacular if you saw it in the spring, summer or fall months.

Admiring Mother Natures' handiwork!

The brisk air definitely made me feel energized to get moving.

Mom has been a little concerned that I haven’t been too peppy on our last couple of hikes.  She said she’s not sure if it was the snow, the brisk air, my feet staying warm and dry, or the fact that Flattery wasn’t with us that made me so energetic.  The truth is, it was a little bit of everything.  I admit it, I pranced like a show pony for the entire hike.  I was a very happy hound.  Morgan was really happy, too.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

It was nice to have time to get out, away from the distractions of everyday life and have some time seeing the real world.  There’s nothing like a giant frozen waterfall to make you realize how small you are in the world.  It’s also different reconnecting with your loved ones without the familiar distractions of everyday life around.  Experiencing something with all your senses has a way of making you feel more alive. I hope everyone else’s 2014 is off to as great a start as ours!

Dwarfed by the falls!

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  1. Oh how adorable are YOU BOTH! Look at that gear you the boots! And I must confess. I am more of a chubby, large and beefy dog type of peep. However, I so love greyhounds (that is what you are, right?) and of course, German Shepherds are fabulous! But look at your precious face....teeheee

    WHAT FUN WAS HAD! Enjoy the rest of what 2014 has to offer you all!

  2. They look so darling in their gear
    Retro rover

  3. Wow, what beautiful scenery and doggies :) xxxxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. What a great looking and stylish bunch and they sure know how to have fun!!!

  5. Wow the waterfall is really an artwork. Many thanks for sharing the adventures of "TeamPink&Team Red"with me, Molly

  6. Sounds like a fun adventure indeed. Great photos.

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    Molly - I'm going to bring back my advice column, as per your very kind suggestion! I'm going to be working with Zim and Maggie. Maggie thinks we should call it Questions to the Prime Minister (PMQ), but I'm not sure. Anyway, my kick off will hopefully be tomorrow - Monday. I'm going to mention you - there's a slight problem at Ao4 HQs and I might just need your assistance!

  11. Bunny is one chic hiker!! I love love love her knee high booties. Morgan in one fine looking GS
    Heading over now to say HI!
    Hugs madi and mom

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    Anyway we said she was a lovely Grey ladywe came from Molly's to say hi.
    Madi and Mom your bfff

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  22. What a wonderful New Year's tradition, and the frozen waterfall is spectacular! We've found that when a place is harder to get to, the other people there are generally ones like us who really appreciate it (as opposed to Boy Scouts running around breaking off pieces of ice). Dad LOVES his Yaktraks!


  23. The photos are so beautiful! What fun you all must have had-- all bundled up and warm in your boots and stuff.
    And a tradition-- that is soo cool!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories with us,,, we love those doggy hiking booties!

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  28. These pictures are so beautiful, the frozen waterfall is amazing! I love this tradition, I might have to do the same next New Year's Day, it sounds wonderful! Your outfits are perfect for hiking too, all suited up!

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  31. Thanks everybody! I'm so glad you liked our adventure! Yes, I am a Greyhound and we do have a lot of fun adventures! :)

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