Sunday 14 December 2014

Share It Sunday, Catflap Cavalier!

Nominated by guest blogger Princess Leah.

Cavalier found down a copper mine in Devon.

You would never think to look at it but in the hills above me are copper mines. Here I am on the side of the river Tamar at a place called Morwellham Quay. It's a living history museum. 
Not that I'm great on history, I only know that there are fun places and this is a fun place to be. 
THEY LET ME IN. There are no signs saying NO DOGS... GREAT !

There are 19th century cottages to explore. No signs saying no dogs on the bed. Well someone had to make sure there were good views from the window. 

Great views and gardens to explore. 

A boat to climb aboard.

There was even a train that went down a copper mine.

That's me.

Had a great time, even kissed a pig.

Had a bit of a stand off with a goat.

I'm joining in with a blog hop over at Waggy Tales.. I am one of the lucky one's that never have a problem when I'm left alone. I'm not often left on my own anyway. Peeps go places, I go places, even down a copper mine. I have to go cos, they get lonely without me.

You can find out more about Morwellham Quay over at Soggibottom.

Ended up with tea in one of the cottages, wonder when we can go again.
Promise, I never broke my diet, I looked but didn't touch. 
Luv's Freya Rose Blossom X 

Catflap Cavalier!

Continuing to give something back on 'Share It Sunday'
We all share and we grow together.
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From the author Molly The Wally

.Christmas Card Tally 2014.

Mini Ones 28 (he he), Molly 28 ZERO, Peeps 2

Thank you Speedy, Whitley & C0, Misaki, Freya Rose.and Dip, Elliot, Ming & Teddy


  1. wow, that was some trip, i got a little scared at the peek through the chain fence... i don't do well with heights... a lovely spot to roam

  2. Wow!! Lots of super cool stuff!! Sounds like you had a great trip!!

  3. Hello, Catflap Cavalier. Nice to meet you :)

  4. Now, kissing a pig is the icing on the cake of such an adventure! And a standoff with a goat? YOU had a most magical time! teeeee


  5. What an interesting place and very dog friendly.

  6. We love to explore places where dogs are allowed.

  7. Luvs back and thank you Molly.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  8. wow what an adventure! and you really visited that copper mine in that train? that was brave...and to kiss a pig is brave too! thanks for sharing such a cool and brave furfriend Molly! have a super sunny sunday! btw: it's as cold as in the fridge of an eskimo today, even my mommas mouth was frozen up (howlelujah said my dad)
    Easy Rider

  9. No dogs on the bed? We wouldn't know what to do at night.

  10. Freya is e great adventurer! She takes the best pictures to share too
    Madi your bfff

  11. WE know and LOVE Freya Rose.... She is so SWEET.

  12. Looks like a fun place to visit!

  13. Crikey ...... that was a very interesting day out, aye?? Thanks for sharing Molly!!

  14. MIZ MOLLY! I see you and your peep came over today, and am I ever happy to see you. Thank you dear friends for ambling on by in the snow (we don't have any yet, but we will!) and for giving me a comment. You are the best, and I wish you the happiest Christmas - Miz Molly, you would have been licking your chops today if you would have seen the squirrel I saw in my neighbor's garden. THIS THING WAS SO GIGANTIC....he was twice the size of a typical squirrel! teeee

  15. We love Freya! She has the most wonderful adventures!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. I always enjoy your Sunday guest posts!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. We know them BUTT we did not know about the pig kissing!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. Hi there Catflap :) That was some adventure you had. My human tells me she's been to that place and it's really fun! Especially the scones :) MOL

  19. Ahhhh, our sweet Freya Rose - how we love that little girl:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. What an great place to go visit! Thanks for sharing. Your Christmas card count is too funny!

  21. What a peaceful looking place you got to explore!

  22. Freya Rose is pawesome!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  23. wow place is just amazing, i guess you had a great fun time with your boys
    dog food recipes

  24. Super fun. I love the stand-off with GOAT!

    Wag on,

  25. Oh we love this post,, its like a special journey,,,,and being with Freya is the best!!!

  26. Catflap cavalier kissed a pig. LOL. Now, that's one great adventure.