Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hog Blog & Squirrel Pie!

Molly The Wally The Chef. A Spot of Cooking!

Squirrel Pie! I can Supply The Squirrel cheaper than Waitrose.

So far no luck as Dr Kay Scarpetta seems too busy cadavering to defrost any chicken breasts. Therefore I have taken it upon myself to continue my recipe testing for my squirrel pie to send to the great Pukka Pukka Pie kitchen. One day I may add it to my other great tome ‘Meals From The Field’. However I now face a great Daya Lama should I use short crust or puff pastry. Would the inclusion of other vermin masked the delicate flavour of squirrel (available at Waitrose but I can supply it cheaper)? Must get some advice but will force myself to do some necessary Pukka Pukka Pie research at the weekend. Any comments fellow Gastronomes?

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