Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dog Blog The Queen & I!

The Queen, Fortnum and Masons & I.

The Queen, Fortnum and Masons & I.

The weather is decidedly brilliant and with the shining sun warming my heart feeling pretty good.  Dashed down the squirrel highway but no sign of the pesky little blighters. Went in search of consumables down by the cafe and sat by a table full of little people.  Cute factor scored highly and managed to eat part of a bacon sandwich before I was chased away.  The Queen is visiting Fortnum and Masons today so dashed off an email offering my services. I too could give a celebrity endorsement and maybe they could distribute my great tome ‘Meals From The Field’ when it’s finished?  Working on chapter 1 ‘Squirrel’ but still wrestling with pie recipe! Who needs a corgi!!!!!

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  1. Suppose you won't want to know us now you are mixing with royalty & seem to have been adopted by the Queen !
    Don't forget your old furry friends when you get your paws on those Fortnum's hampers