Sunday 11 March 2012

Dog House Blog The Duvet Disaster!

Molly The Wally Duvet Dilemma!

The Duvet Disaster and a bad case of potty mouth!

As Cicero would say ‘cane mala non biscoctus!’ In my case that would mean no kibbles for being bad so I’m hardly bothered.  The duvet fiasco started when my human decided to make a hot water bottle as the weather had turned decidedly cold. After my pleas for cuddles were repeatedly ignored I ventured upstairs for a little shut eye. The duvet looked so inviting so pounced into the warm comfort of the Hungarian goose down and snuggled up all happy and content.  It was very late when my human slipped into bed. I was awoken by my human’s sharp intake of breath followed by a hissy fit and a bad case of potty mouth. It would appear that my leaping on the hot water bottle had caused a major rupture and it had sprung a leak. Abandoned ship and disappeared to sleep in the spare bedroom. There’s no such thing as loyalty when its sleep time??????

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