Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dog Blog More Ode To The PIGGY Bank

Molly The Wally The Banker.

Goldman Sachs exposed as investing in unsavoury activities.

Goldman Sachs – whose boss once claimed it was ‘doing God’s work’ – has been exposed as investing in a company linked to very, very, unsavory activities. 

Goldman Sachs ‘God’s bank’ is sitting comfy on its laurels.
But it would appear that the toxic bank is without morals.
In Village Voice Media (Backpage) it took a major stake
No question of ethics just wanting a bigger slice of cake.
We continue watching in despair at their systematic greed
The voices of dissent all around which they have failed to heed
In this company they are now uncomfortable with its direction
And now with no ability to influence they have lost affection
Principles and honour no more, as its anything for big bucks
We think you should go and change your name to Goldman Sucks!

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