Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dog Blog More Olympic Sized Laugh!

Molly The Wally does karaoke.

The Olympics ceremonies will be the biggest karaoke ever.

Bands will sing over vocal and instrumental tracks that are pre-recorded in a studio ahead of the highly-anticipated shows at the Olympic Stadium making it the biggest Karaoke ever. Karaoke is of course a combination of people who can’t sing with people who shouldn’t drink. I can often be found performing my own rendition of ‘All By myself’ in tribute to Eric Carmen when my human has left me alone. The ceremony is going to be less Karaoke more Scaryoke and with age of some of the performers it is going to be Gerioke! The VIP, OAP’s will be supplied with Zimmer-frames bearing the Olympic logo and in the ‘Green Room’ there will be oxygen on tap and an endless supply of Sanatogen.The Red Cross will be on stand-by to help with the Stannah stair lift for performers getting on and off stage. One good thing is the event will be environmentally friendly as all the oldies will be able to use their freedom passes and with their hearing aids turned up to maximum we should be OK.


  1. This picture is amazing. Thanks for making me smile.

    1. Thank you I know I am amazing and I'm glad I made you smile. It's my homage to Johnny Depp look with me as Captain Peg Head! Have a lovely weekend.
      Best wishes Molly

  2. Molly you could join in and sing "Who let the dogs out ? "