Saturday, 12 May 2012

Dog Blog, Cheers Big Ears!

Molly The Wally shows off her ears.

Prince Charles becomes a weather forecaster. 

Prince Charles masqueraded as a weather girl this week during a tour of BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay headquarters. Confidently addressing the camera, the 63-year-old Prince said, ‘At Castle of Mey in Caithness it is raining. Over at Balmoral there is strong precipitation. Heading South to Highgrove there is plenty of the wet stuff. Eastwards to Cornwall, as I own all of it, the outlook is for heavy showers. Taking a short hop and a leap (which he did) to Buckingham Palace it’s raining corgis. Finally over to Windsor it’s monsoon time. Thank you, that is one’s weather forecast for today and if you want to know the weather where you are, one suggests you look out of the window. Thank God it isn't a bank holiday and don’t forget the hosepipe ban still stands’. With that the Prince of Wails disappeared to go and talk to his plants about the continuing problem of the reign. Friends send us some sun, I am now suffering from trench paw, muddy bottom and soggy snout.

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