Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dog Blog On The Campaign Trail,‘The X Files’.

Ken on the campaign trail with the aliens.

On The Campaign Trail,‘Ken and The X Files’. 

Ken Livingstone today launched a poster campaign depicting leading Tories as aliens. News is coming in of strange green pulsating lights hovering over Brother Kens’ Newt HQ. Thousands of members of the public have been calling the UFO Military Unit and M15 have been sent to investigate. My sources at Molly Media have informed me that a strange sonic frequency has been picked up by GCHQ, which apparently have been sending subliminal messages to TV and radio stations. Decoded at Bletchley Park the message appears to be the words ‘Vote Me, Vote Me, in a high pitch whining tone. A passing intergalactic spaceship shut down the signal as they said it was interfering in their viewing of’ Star Trek The Final Frontier’.With Ken’s plans of world domination thwarted he was last seen auditioning for the X factor with his outstanding rendition of ’Cwying’ in a hope to get more votes.


  1. Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I just signed up as your new follower.

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    1. Hi Pip and welcome to my blog. Many thanks for joining.
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  2. Reminds of V the series, a carnivorous race of reptilians take over London!