Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Flog It Blog It, Some Olympic Fun Stuff!

Molly The Wally with her water bottle.

Funny London 2012 Olympic souvenirs. 

Being the host nation of the Olympic Games, the souvenir industry has gone into overdrive in order to produce all manner of unusual and dare we say a bit tacky Olympic themed mementos. Here is our selection for your delectation. 

Illustrator Toby Leigh, has created a series of Olympic souvenirs called ‘That Big Event London’ for those with a sense of humour. 

Show some Olympic spirit with this fun and slightly eccentric five-rings fascinator by Maclaren Millinery.

Giving Usain Bolt a run for his money, this pup looks more than ready for the race of his life by Agnetha Sjögren.

Nothing says Great Britain like a great biscuit, so get dunking in true Olympic style!

Delicious sports-themed biscuits by Biscuiteers are the perfect edible accompaniment to all the Olympic action.

This vintage bone china plate is perfect for Olympic themed tea parties to serve those biscuits on.

You can sup your tea with this Winner themed mug. 

If the Olympic excitement gets too much, simply bury your face in this Team GB cushion.

Even if your idea of a long-distance run is up the stairs to the bathroom, you can still be a medal winner with this tacky but fun necklace.

Support your favourite sport with these fun temporary tattoos.

If you are out about in London, sport your own VIP badge.

And lastly my absolute favourite........

the hideous Olympic 2012 mascots. I going to purchase one and after ripping its’ face off, I am going to de-stuff it in record time. I’m going for Olympic gold in the disfiguring and disemboweling of the ugly little Cyclops!

And for the Blogville Olympics events today.........

Gymnastic event by Madi!

Couch potato peeling event by Lily Belle!

And for past days events scroll to yesterdays post.


  1. Those mascots are pretty ridiculous!! I'd love to see footage of your ripping one up!

  2. Molly, the biscuits look quite nice actually. I like the sparkly hair thingy. What are those mascot thingys?? They look like aliens. Do you have aliens there? Are the aliens allowed to be in the Olympics? Just one more question, is the guy on that plate nekked and why is he nekked? I promise I am done with questions.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Yes....a bit ugly, I agree !;0))

  4. I agree the mascots are pretty weird. Im a special education teacher and our summer theme is all Olympics . The mascots are featured and every time I see them I think who the heck designed these

    urban hounds mom

  5. I would get a tatoo, but the only bare skin I got is my nose! BOL! I with ya there with the mascots!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  6. YOU are too, too FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Miz Molly, you are SPOT ON with your humor and dare I say, sarcasm? WE HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL in watching the games. I love your idea for the pillow to stuff your face in; there have been some moments that I cannot bear to watch and as for the CYCLOPS......may I ask who designed all of the art? During the opening ceremonies, I had to laugh at the contraption that the women wore who were carrying the signs with the name of each country. But all in all, what a great CITY, great moments and to know you are OUT THERE SOMEWHERE is so special.

    CARRY ON! Anita

  7. LOL. Those cyclops made us laugh. What a choice for an Olympic Mascot. The Biscuiteers look too pretty to be nommed!

  8. MOL Molly
    Mom loves the tote bags. We have wondered how the everyday person is handling the extra busy traffic in London. Those bags say it all.

    OK now for a totally different topic.
    OMD Molly you have the most beautiful black furs they just glisten in your picture today. Mom says she expects they feel like silk too.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  9. Can you also buy one of those horrible dog suits and pee on it. I don't think dogs should wear them. I would destroy the creepy mascot too!

  10. Give ya a race on de-facin those idiot fings..weee's got them in Tesco's over de road.. We can set a world record time..Winner gets a gold badge :)
    Mollie xx

  11. That's the mascot?! I had not seen what the mascot is until now, and now I know why. I like your idea of what to do with it.

  12. Molly, are you thinking of bringing in your own line of olympic mascots, but what I really want to know will you be doing a dog suit with matching his and her owners coats as if I got to go out in one my owner can co ordinate with me.........how cool!PS will aslo need matching human bag!

  13. That VIP lane permit one is very funny!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  14. Awesome post, my friend! Thanks for the smile....I needed that!

  15. Not very creative in the design area, would you say?


  16. Those are some silly mascots.


  17. Get it on Molly, please have video of the destruion event!

    Susie & bites

  18. those mascots really are weird. i like those tote bags, though. such sarcasm. :)

  19. Love the updates!

    How did you like seeing Norman again? I can't believe he showed up to Peel with me...

    Lily Belle

  20. Mom is laughing very hard right now....and thats all i am gonna say about that...stella rose

  21. Aw, that is some fun stuff. Are those really the mascots?

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  22. Great selection! Those mascots are in a class of their own - I hope!

  23. Molly
    what a hoot
    Loved seeing all the tacky and cute sooveneews, love youw plan fow the cyclops, hehehehe you'll get a medal fow youw speed and skill! I think you'd look gowgoos in that fascinatow fow youw next date.
    I loved seeing you in all the events you've entewed so faw and will be cheewing you in the footoowe ones..now i think I could use one of those bikkies
    smoochie kisses

  24. Furst I want to tell you that yesterday we watched the Equestrian CROSSCOUNTRY... and the COURSE was just LOVELY. I REALLY enjoyed seeing all the special Jumps and such that they had for the horses and Rides. A TOTAL CLASSY ACT. BRAVO to You and Your Country for such a fabulous venue.

    Now I am thinkin I need TWO of these Sue Been Ears.. Furst the Bag on the Right and one of those Stickers fur gettin through this HIDEOUS totally SNARLED Blogville Stadium traffic. I may even need some of those Bisquits... I have been stuck here for like 87 hours. Beeep BEEEEEEP HONK HONK

  25. Hi Molly,
    You may absolutely, 100% use the picture! If you need it e-mailed to you instead just let me know. Otherwise you should be able to grab it off our blog.

    Lily Belle

  26. Me encanta el abrigo para perros y las galletas... y la mascota Olímpica es preciosa y original.

  27. We totally love the "hideous Olympic 2012 mascots"! We want one of those, maybe we´ll ask our human to buy them for us to play. We´ll bury them where nobody will ever find them =)

  28. this was great! Loved the biscuits, may I have one please? lol
    Love the "it only took me 3 hrs to get to work", love the tacky gold medal necklace, just to name a few!

  29. Love the olympic fastinator! Too cool!

  30. I suppose every event needs souveniers, no matter how obnoxious.

    Critter Alley

  31. Hi Molly!

    You're so funny! This really made me laugh! Those biscuits did look really yummy! The bags made me laugh, those mascots creep me out! Please do rip one up.

    Milo :)

  32. These items are too cute. I love the tote bags with the funny sayings on them.