Sunday, 5 August 2012

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Show me the money!!!!!!!!


This post may be, and probably is, Not For The Weak Of Heart.  Please consider yourself WARNED.  
If you read further and look at any pictures past the first two, I Am Not Responsible....

So here goes.  Today My Buddy Big Murphy and I were meeting at a local Boys and Girls club to teach them "How To Stay Safe" in the mountains.  You know the deal.  Well why we were waiting for My Vickie and Paulette to quit talking, This is the painful story that Murphy told me.   

It is all truth, nothing but the truth, and unfortunately, We now have the  pictures to prove it.  I'll turn the time over to Murphy.  

"Thanks Bert buddy, I'll take it from here.  So this is how it went.  
Paulette (I'll call her "My Human" from here on.  I am sure you will understand why I am not giving her a more loving name because of what she did to me.)

Two nights ago, I was minding my own business when "My Humans" daughter came for a visit.  She walked in, placed her purse on the couch table, then both of them went off into another room, without a "Hidy Ho", or "how ya doing" to me.  They just left.

Well, there I was sitting there and there was that purse lying right close to me and well, whats a guy supposed to do?  Well, I am a search dog after all and there it was, this bag filled with great smells.  I decided to investigate.

When I opened the big part of the bag I was rewarded with some nice smelling one dollar bills, oh and there were some five dollar bills and a few ten dollar bills.  I took a taste of them, because us dogs like to use all of our senses, taste, touch, sight, smell..... etc.

Well they tasted pretty good so......I ate them.

It was so good that I ate a few more and a big piece of paper.  Then I made my way through her purse and found a wallet.  Inside it I found a couple of credit cards but they don't chew up as good as money.  But in the wallet I found a whole bunch of crisp new twenty dollar bills.   Yes, I had struck Gold.

I was busy swallowing them when "My Human" and her daughter came back into the room.  As soon as they realized their precious money was Gone My Human ran to the cupboard and grabbed the dreaded bottle of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.  Down my mouth she dumped the stuff.  

You may not know this but that stuff will make a guy throw up just about everything in his stomach and that is what I did.  

After all the work I had done in carefully chewing up the money and sending it down to my tummy, she forced it all back up.  What is wrong with humans.  And when I figured I had thrown up everything in my tummy that I possibly could and was starting to feel my tongue again, "MY HUMAN" poured some more of that stuff down my throat to make me throw up more.

Before I was done, I had thrown up $157.00 dollars and a grocery list.  Gee Whiz, Can you believe what I had to go through for $157.00 bucks.  The least they could have done was wait until it came out the other end.  I mean, come on.

I heard them moaning and groaning for a couple of hours after that, about what piece goes with what other piece.  Then they were looking for tape to tape it all back together.  All for a couple of pieces of paper.   Oh and lets not forget all the gagging they were doing when they were sifting through my vomit.  I gotta say, that was almost worth it.  So there's my story.  and what lesson did I learn from this?

If your gonna eat the green, don't get caught in the act....

Disclaimer:  This hydrogen peroxide episode was under the supervision of Murphys veterinarian.  Be sure not to try this at home without contacting your vet.  AND NEVER USE IPECAC

Oh Murphy, this makes my tennis ball episode look pretty silly.  It was worth about 75 cents.....well the ball was, the actual surgery to get it out was a "little bit" more.

Night all!

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  1. ... and my dad called ME a 'money-shredder'... I love your story and I hope you are well after this green nack...

  2. HOLY CRAP! I mean, that is SCARY!!!! I have learned that one must keep ALL VALUABLES away from our four-legged friends! Oh Murphy dear, you are sooooooooo lucky that you had a vet to supervise this fiasco, this money search! WHEW....

    MOLLY MY DEAR, you host the most UNUSUAL stories! YOU'RE THE BEST! Anita

  3. terrible story.....Nana, once, ate 1000 yens....

  4. Oh My Dawg.... Wez's lost for words ( unusals wez nose! ) Soo funny, yet not funny!!

  5. Wow! What a story! Not sure what I would do if my dog ate all that money!

  6. OK, you were right about putting up the WARNING first! Butt, you baited us.... We're like little kids.... You say don't touch, we touch, you say don't look, we take a peek, You understand where I'm going with this.....

    YUCK, YUCK, YUCK & DOUBLE YUCK!!!!! Has anyone else learned a lesson here.... (Other than don't eat the green?) When someone warns ya, you better listen!

    In the end we're happy that all turned out as well as can be expected. Hope your tummy has settled down after that fiasco.

    Lily Belle
    p.s. What bank did she rob?

  7. Glad that Bert is okay and didn't eat anything requiring surgery to remove! Glad you're okay too Molly, the tennis ball removal surgery must have been scary. Hope you have a great Sunday!

  8. Wow!!!! That is just yuckkkkyyyyyy!!
    I'm so glad that it turned out ok... but wow!

    :) You always post the most wonderful (and sometimes wonderfully weird) things.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  9. Goodness, what a tale. Hope Murphy has recovered OK.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  10. Hey that's my buddy BERT! On Friday we all walked together, Bert Murphy and I (and a few others). MOM offered Murphy a 5 dollar bill. He gladly took it. BOL!

  11. Oh dear Bert, good thing you work in the mountains and not at the bank.*wink*

  12. oh dear, oh dear! glad it 'all came out' okay! :)

  13. oh mt CAT you were right to warn us! *shudder* Glad all ended well!

  14. OMDs/OMCs I keep telling mom greens are NOT good for you...maybe she will believe me now. Bless Bert's big sweet thing for sure I think with that much mulah in his tummy it might have not passed the other way.
    Shortly after we were a year old my litter mate Lucy (who was owned by a friend) at a penny. It got stuck in her innards and had to be surgically removed..the Vet told her person the bill was 599.99...Lucy had already paid a penny.

    Hugs madi

  15. OMG!!! I can't believe Bert is such a gluttony! I think money is not so delicious like that...He should have eaten the bag itself, leather is so much sweet!!
    Sorry, but it was really funny!
    Licks from Pink

  16. Hey Molly, that was fun being hosted on your site. FYI, Murphy is doing fine, he was alittle blocked up for a fewe days but everything is coming out fine today. He hehehe.


  17. Hmmm....note to not eat the green pieces of paper. Got it!


  18. that was nutty!
    Snuggles and snorts
    Benny & Lily

  19. Oh poor dog, it's a wonder he is still alive!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  20. Well at least it wasn't coins!

    (Note to self.....when I take money.....hide!)

  21. I love Bert from four legged views! Thanks for sharing!

  22. OMD, you knows that story will live in infamy in the family history books! Next time you should eat a credit card - they takes up less space than all those papers, and you can just poop the monies out like an ATM! I think that's how it works....


  23. That was a great story!

    Loveys Sasha

  24. Ewwwww...yuck....I had read that story earlier but had to reread it again...ewwwww. yuck...
    stella rose

  25. wow. i swallowed that toxic mushroom once - that almost did me in - never thought to be a piggy bank or atm - i HAVe to tell this one to my furiend Rocky - he eats socks and toilet paper and stuff that now has required two surgeries to remove them:( Yep. good thing there was that hydrogen peroxide

    this was all due to them ignoring you!? well, that will teach them!