Saturday, 17 November 2012

Blog From The Dog House, The Nations’ Top Ten Superstitions.

Molly The Wally does Mystic Molly!

in the UK Millions of people admit to being superstitious.

Would you salute a magpie? Do you avoid walking under ladders? Well you are not alone as in the UK nearly 6 million people admit to being superstitious. Around 9 million people admitted they believe you will get 7 years bad luck on breaking a mirror whilst over 10 million will walk around a ladder for fear of soliciting negative fortune. People are superstitious about good luck too with nearly 1 million believing in lucky underwear and 3 million saying they try and blow out all their birthday candles and make a wish. Number 7 is Britains’ luckiest number closely followed by 13, 3, 8 and 5.

The Nations’ Top Ten Superstitions.

1. If you walk under a ladder you will have bad luck. 
But if you really must walk under a ladder make sure you cross your fingers and spit over your left shoulder preferably when no one is behind you. Actually the last bit is optional if you were into Punk Rock!   

2. To break a mirror will bring seven years bad luck.     
To undo the bad luck that will come your way, find seven leprechauns, a seven leafed clover and hop seven time backwards round the bend.

3. To open an umbrella in the house will bring bad luck.    
There is no way out of this one so to avoid triggering Armageddon so stand in the rain and get wet whilst trying to find the open button on your umbrella. This may take some time and you may get soaked but that has got to be better than unleashing the forces of the dark side.

4. Putting new shoes on the table brings bad luck.    
Certainly don’t try this one. Just remember put dirty old ones on the table instead. However if you are an Imelda Marcos impersonator you might want to use a 40 foot banqueting table.

5. Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day.    
This one is easy, stay in bed but not if you live in Crystal Lake as Jason (Friday The 13th )  might be about. The fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia. You try saying that quickly!

Molly The Wally The Witch!

6. If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck.
The belief of witches transforming themselves into black cats in order to prowl streets unobserved became a central belief in America during the Salem witch hunts. However black cats are good luck in Britain, so simply pop any black cat you come across in a jiffy bag and send it to me.

7. If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake in one go you will get whatever you wish for. This is a great one for any superstitious person you don’t like much. Bake them a cake and buy some of those non extinguishable joke candles and watch with glee as they desperately try and blow them out with increasing panic with each puff.
8. Walking over three drains brings bad luck.    
Turn the bad luck around by turning three times in a counter clockwise motion. Burn sage around your house to cleanse your home of bad vibes whilst dancing in your underwear and singing a rendition of ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’.

9. A lock from a baby’s first haircut should be kept for good luck.     
Such mementos were intended to ensure a long and healthy life, as long as the lock of hair was kept in a safe place. Yep this is a good one, you might need it when you are old to cover those bald patches.

10. A rabbit’s foot brings good luck 
Yea to who?

On curves ahead
Remember, sonny
That rabbit's foot
Didn't save
The bunny!

Molly The Wally Does Mystic Molly!

Have good luck today my friends.


  1. Mom says it's bad luck to be superstitious *BOL*
    Wally & Sammy

  2. Hey my mum does mosaics and smashes mirror all the time to put into her work......... looks like she's toast!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  3. If you listened to all those superstitions, you wouldn't do anything. We think it is bad luck not to eat all our dinner and treats - and then their dinner too, ha!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. We say the only way to counter all of these, at the same time, is to eat left over cottage pie for breakfast in bed!
    Luckily we are doing that right now!
    Lots of love, Indigo and Malach

  5. Mommy isn't superstitious but she does avoid buying things in 4 (sounds like "die" in the chinese language). LOL. She'll find every means to make it either 3 of 5 which makes Daddy laugh at her.

  6. I once had a clover patch in my yard (when I was a kid) that grew nothing but 4 leaf clovers! I used to press them in a book, page after page.....Not sure if they improved my luck though!

  7. I wrote the lucky numbers on my lottery ticket - maybe Fortuna has a heart? btw: mom is dancing in her underwear and singing since hours - if the neighbors will call the police is this bad or good luck? ... and for whom? Have a lucky Saturday!!!

  8. Mommy found a four leave clover only once in her life. She doesn't step on cracks nor does she walk under ladders. Butt, she loves the number 13! Go figure....

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. Interest I never heard of 4 7 8 or 9

    However cracks on the sidewalk and spilling salt are considered bad luck in the US, is that true in the UK?

    urban hounds

  10. BOL - well, Mom always throws a pinch of salt over her shoulder when she spills it - she's kind of silly that way!


  11. Dont tell anyone, but I put my dirty shoes on the table! Oops. Happy Saturday!

  12. I have always thought the rabbit was not so lucky. That's why you should jsut carry the whole bunny around. That way you would have four rabbit foots to keep you lucky and for sure the bunny would feel lucky to keep all his feets.

  13. My old lady/Mom is still looking for a 4 leaf clover! BOL!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  14. I'm not superstitious Molly dear, now I'm crazy with some other things, it would not work, hahaha ... Kisses and good weekend!

  15. lots of these are 'alive and well' in the US, too.

  16. I'm sure other countries are not as superstitious as us Brits..I do most of those things..LOL have a great Saturday Molly, Mail you later :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  17. BOL, Molly!
    I'm not su-poo-erstitious at all :)

  18. my mother was very superstitious, knives crossed mean a fight, crossing on stairs also a fight, black cat was lucky, one magpie sorrow two joy, mustnt say please for salt, unlucky, putting clothes on back to front unlucky, inside out lucky - i was actually made to go to school with my jumper inside out because of this once - need I go on.... I am glad I am not superstitious Molly, it's hard work!

  19. Hi Molly we share all of those superstitions except for 8 and 9. Mom says she isn't familiar with those.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  20. Haven't been superstitious since 'step on a crack and break your mother's back' days...

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  21. Yep, we are with you on the rabbit foot, caught one the other day, now there is four unlucky rabbit feet in the back yard!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  22. We're not superstitious ... but being from Kansas, that "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" song rings a bell. Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  23. HeheheheheMolly,
    Awen't hoomans silly?
    Of couwse, i do have a thing about wanting to walk on the vewy edge of the cuwb, but it's mowe doo to pwacticing my titwope walking than snoopewstishun
    Smoochie kisses

  24. We are not superstitious. We are Goldendoodles. BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. sorry I think much of my bad luck can be attributed to MANY of those above! I have broken enough mirrors to last me a lifetime lol

  26. #6 should be any kitty....BOL
    Benny & Lily

  27. Love your means of getting out of the bad luck :D
    I grew up with far too many of these. My parents are from England and my mother is notoriously superstitious, so I know all about it. Spent a lot of my youth throwing salt over my shoulder.

  28. Mummy is more superstitious than she thought as she practices the first 7 of those!

  29. My mon had at least three black cats as pets and she is still alive...
    No, we don't believe in those things, but is funny and interesting to see how many of these points are in common in Europe and probably in America too! It's a small world! :)
    Nice regards

  30. Our Lady believes some of those things. We think it is bad luck not to love us and play with us enough! Lee and Phod

  31. Betty is not superstitious but she sure doesn't like it when black cats cross her path- she wants to chase them!!

  32. Eu não me acho superticiosa! Tenho sorte sempre!!!! Será?! kkkkk

    beijoos e maravilhosa semana *-*

  33. Here in the U.S. we have a saying:
    Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck!
    Sadly, that hasn't really worked for us so far.

    Wrigs is VERY impressed by your extensive (and very glamorous) wardrobe, Molly!

    Susan and Wrigs

  34. I have never heard the one about not putting new shoes on a table. That may explain some things...