Monday, 17 December 2012

Dog House Blog, More, Santa Paws Has Been Again!

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 1 !

More cards, more presents, it is shocking how rocking it is over our pad.

The peeps has been watching ‘The Shield’ to get up on the lingo so I can converse with Officer Sidebite and Chief of Pawlice Sarge & his posse over at ‘The Blogville Jail’, in the correct language. Thus I left my crib and headed off to my hood to meet with my crew and terrorize me territories. Whilst I was out on my stake out and keeping an ear out for intel about squiggles and an eye out for The Popo a parcel came (elementary grade 1 street slang class complete, tick). Drats, I would have to send the peeps out to get it for me. This is what happened.

Location, local sorting office with big queue.

Waited patiently and now at front of queue.

Handing over the collection card.

Mailman. Can I have proof that you live at the address stated on the collection card?

Peeps. Here it is.

Mailman after scrutinising it.  That is not the correct name. It doesn’t say Molly Fridli here.

Peeps. Well Houston we have a problem.

Mailman. Without proper identification, yes, we’d say you have a problem.

Peeps. Well it is a little difficult as Molly is my dog and therefore has no ID.

Queue. Snigger, snigger.

Lady in Queue. Your dog gets post, how cool.

Mailwoman butting in. Is that the Molly with all the cards from around the world?

Peeps. Yes it is.

Mailman. How come she gets all that mail?

Peeps. She writes and has her own blog.

Queue. Snigger, snigger cool, cool.

Mailman. She writes does she? OK, well as it is not recorded delivery we will let you have it. However if it is to be signed for it has to be signed for.

Peeps. What the dog has to sign for her mail.

Mailman. Well you said she writes, so shouldn’t be a problem then?

Queue Snigger, snigger, well cool, snigger snigger.

Peeps. Scurries away with my parcel muttering you cannot be serious in true McEnroe style?

Mollie and Alfie and Misaki thank you for our lovely gifts.

Firstly from Mollie & Alfie!

Stand back Pippinpumpkin this one is all mine.

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 2 !

This one is mine so Molly butt out, says the Pipomatic Snack Attack It. 

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 3 !

I am 87 Gazillion years old so I have first dabs on anything, child of mine Pip The Dip tells Molly.

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 4 !

The toy is all mine, one of the perks of being ancient states Pipalicious. 

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 5 !

Now from Misaki I got these. Yep Mis-Fits! Hurrah!

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 6 !

After no discussion or consultation the peeps promptly decided that all my wonderful present need to go in a box till Christmas. It would appear that I am only allowed to open them so I can thank my furry friends in puplick. Quick pass me the phone, I am calling Pup-line and reporting the cruel peeps.

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 7 !

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 8 !

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 9 !

Look my treat bowl from Freya is empty.

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 10 !

Nothing, narda, nowt, none, zilch, nil, naught a BIG FAT ZERO! I am now a size zero!

Molly The Wally & More Xmas Presents 11 !

Thank you for the book Misaki and we will pass it onto to one of our furry friends as soon as we have read it after the holidays.

Thank you both for more lovely gifts. We are touched by all of your cards and pressies.

It is Dogton Abbey tomorrow and there is no more time to solve the crime..................!!!!!!!!!


  1. Tears rolling down the I see Pip like the dog Have a great Monday Molly, so funny :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. You should have told that Mailman that you dictate your blog to the secretary. It may have cause a few peeps to snigger at you BUT what great stuff in that box!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. BOL!! They should take your to the post office next time!

  4. Your tree sure looks pawesome :D Can't wait for Dogton Abbey tomorrow

  5. just look at those awesome pressies

    urban hounds

  6. WOW! You sure got some awesome pressies!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. LOL! Our Lady can imagine that whole post office scene. We are glad you got your gifts, even if you can't play with them til Christmas.

  8. OMDs Molly you made out like a bandit!! What great great presses and post all about them
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  9. Oh no, can't beleive you're not allowed your pressie right now, not now it's been opened, such restraint that's expected!
    Funny girl you are,

  10. I AM HERE! I am late, but I am present and accounted for!

    Oh Molly, you are PIPSQUEAK are just so full of surprises! Look at all the PRESSIES, but most of all, look at all the fun confusion you are making for the post!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet they just cannot figure out who this MOLLY is that gets all that mail!

    LOVE YOU BOTH. PIP darling, how are you feeling?

  11. O that's just great - what a cool monday!!!... and now I know why so much dogs try to kill the mailman (me too) ;o)

  12. You're welcome!
    I have the same problem - my parcel from Mollie is at the post office too. Daddy's going to take me there in a bit to see if we can get it. Hope so!

  13. Hey Molly!
    Wow, you have learned well, my good furiend! Your COP lingo is perfect and you'll fit in great at the station. Love your pressie pack and the story from the mailman! My peeps get the same reaction from the postal folks who laugh at my mail. Such jealousy! BOL My Dad actually got a small box last week and they teased him because it wasn't mine. Great package-opening technique, but I think it's wrong to have to wait now until Christmas. Ptththttht.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  14. Sometimes the postmen are just too serious when it comes to doling out the mail. I'm glad your mom could entertain the crowd in the queue. Those look like nice pressies, but I can't believe you had to pack them away. At least your mom didn't open hers yet. If you have to suffer so should she.


  15. here i thought you'd have to go to the post office, show your tags, put your pawprint in ink to claim it!

  16. That is so funny! Great gifts, my friends....enjoy!

  17. Oh MOM laughed and laughed at the getting of your mail. And what great mail you got! My MOM doesn't even let me open anything until Christmas.

  18. We have had a little conversation with our postmaster also..he thinks my momma is bonkers whenever we go collect more cards, he just shakes his head, mom says he must just be jealous! Your presents looked grand!!
    stella rose

  19. That was hilarious with the mailman! You got some cool gifts!

  20. How lucky that you got to open your mail instead of having to suffer ant wait!! And you nailed that cop-talk too!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. Oh Molly, mummy told me that we can't open pressies till xmas (well Yule in our case). Is she lying to me? As for the postman, well I've had trouble from him too, he said he would take my pressie to USA but he still hasn't got there and it's been ages. Next time he asks you to sign for your pressies make sure you plonk a very dirty paw on his book, that will teach him.
    Have a great Christmas & Yule

  22. Dear oh dear, can you even believe they said that at the sorting office, sounds like your fellow queue-mates had a good laugh though!
    Wow, they are great pressies, you are very lucky pups Molly and Pip!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  23. Oh the humans who deliver the mail never understand.


  24. Look at all those presents! Lucky pups!!!

  25. how sweet that you got such wonderful stuff! Enjoy!

  26. Gosh Mollie you gave those posties a surprise! You' better practice your paw print ready for any future important mail an maybe get some i.d. from your vet organised, I am sure they will sign your photo to confirm you are you. Your peeps are strange letting you open the pressies an then take them away - is it cos they are going to confuse you and wrap it all up so you can open it again? I suppose that would be quite exciting. I suggest you get a few of their treasured possessions and do the same - they will be so please when they find them on Christmas day after thinking they were lost forever! So looking forward to Dogton Abbey tomorrow, it's the best.

  27. BOL! Imagining that post office scene had me in tears, your peeps are the best!! Your mum should take you with her next time!!! Lovely prezzies!!
    Milo :)

  28. What a lot of cool presents! We're still laughing about the post office.

  29. Ooops we are really sorry but your card came back to us! Mom is not sure what she did wrong she is sending you an online card as soon as she can figure it out, we are so sorry (we put 3 stamps on your card so cant imagine what happened)

    urban hounds

  30. Dear Molly,

    You get to open presents already? You said that you can hear Santa coming too. Wow. Is that because you are on the other side of the big round ball that we all live on? Does he go there first? Oh boy, it must be almost my turn!

    Tell the people to fill your treat bowl, willya?


  31. Our mailman is about to quit we get so much mail, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  32. I was surprised that the ignorant postman didn't know that you're a celebrity, Molly!

  33. Molly you rock with the presents. Have as great night.

  34. Those are some great gifts. Our mailman gave up a long time ago and now accepts that we get more mail than our parents.

  35. *BOL* silly post people...don't they know you are a world renowned author and reporter!
    Wally & Sammy

  36. Isn't that the most wonderful thing :D Yay for pressies! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  37. Molly, Your postie needs to get with it, I suggest he buys the poch whos whos and read a couple of those get real dogs mags.... I do'nt know what the world is coming to when he cann't see a real life celeb,

  38. Hey Molly,

    My Mum read this post yesterday on her phone, yep, it was another one of those crazy days and she's only just got back to the computer - well she really was laughing out loud as she read it!!

    Seriously, I think the mail people are really gonna have to re-consider their policies cos us animals get more mail than the humans these days - around here Mum even gets a little jealous of all the parcels I get and no parcels she gets - Tee Hee

    Still, I can't believe your having to wait until Christmas to actually play with your toys - doh!! Did you see where she hid them?

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  39. Oh, Molly! Obviously it's time you had your own identification card! The Auckland SPCA taught three dogs to drive a car, so maybe your person could teach you too, and then you could get a driver's license. There is video of the driving dogs on YouTube.

    It must be torture to open your pressies and then have to put them away! That calls for a stern growl!

    Susan and Wrigs

  40. Oh my gosh that's a lot of presents, Molly! Even if Santa is still mad at you, it looks like you are going to have a pretty great Christmas :D

  41. Now see, that exchange would have made my excruciating long wait at the post office the other day entertaining. :) Cool stuff in your mail!