Sunday, 13 January 2013

Share It Sunday’, Guest Blog Savannahs’ Paw Tracks!

Nominated by last week’s guest The Misadventures Of Misaki!

Friendly Friday Frolicks!
What a morning me and Mom had…and it only took us 3 minutes to have a great time together!
Mom was about to walk out of the house for her spinning class at the gym…and she saw me over on my Bird Watching Tower.  She thought I looked cute so she grabs the FLASH and CLICK thingy…and comes over to me…
…and BAM! she gets a pretty good shot of my pretty face (blushes)…with my gorgeous white diamond whiskers…nice…we’re done now…

emmmm…maybe not…Mom starts to sing to me…ok, ok…now she has my attention totally…I LUVLUVLUV when Mom sings to me.

..I just go all whacky…so she starts with the usual lilting (vocab builder) lines…Savannah, nana, mo mana, fee fi mo mana, Savannah…makes me start to go crazy…

…I flip over…roll around like a kitten…that’s my nip mousey you can see…now Mom does the…Savannah banana, nana mo…Oh My Cat!…luv it!…I grab the post, flip around and look upside down at her…she keeps on singing and clicking and flashing

…I can’t stop myself….I whip around the post and practically drool…. she moves on to the lyrics, again this lilting voice that is so mesmerizing(more vocab builder) to me ever since I came here…nana neeny miny mo…nana mo…manana banana mo…meeny miny mo…Savannah…that’s it! I slam myself over to the other post, looking sort’a skitzoid!!…

….she just keeps on singing away…little girl, pearly girl, little whirly girl…awwwwww….

…finally she stops…gives me a pet or two…and leaves me exhausted from my frolicking about like an idiot!!!….ummmmmm…luvluvluvd that!!!…Thanks Mom!

Paw pats, Savannah

About Me!

"Hiya!! Savannah here!  I am a 6 year old part Russian Blue short haired cat.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California USA.

I was adopted by my huDad and huMom on January 3, 2012.  I had been languishing in my shelter for over 11 months before they came along.  No one wanted me because I always stayed hidden either in my dark cubby bed that had 3 sides or under something like a chair.  I only left hiding at night to grab some food and use the litter box.

Now, I run, play and ask Mom and Dad to give me brushing and to give me soft scratches on my head and stuff.  I sleep all snuggled in bed with Mom and Dad.  We are a family, and I am a Real Adult Rescue Cat and I am Talking…visit me on my blog if you have some time…Paw pats, Savannah.

Continuing to give something back on my ‘Share It Sunday’. We all share and we grow together.  Pop over say hello and make a new friend.

From the author Molly The Wally.

And don’t forget Roo’s Power Of The Paw web site where we can stop over and wish our furry friends who are under the weather well.


  1. Molly how lovely that you are friends with cats as well as dogs and hoomans. Savannah is very beautiful, I have never met a cat with a hat before for a start. Ambercat and lodger cat (lives next door, not) are very interested.

  2. We love Savvy, she was one of our very first friends. Love the way her Mommy sings to her :) Have a funtastic Sunday Molly and Mom xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Well aren't you just the most gorgeous little cat in that purple hat!

    The gray cat in the purple hat
    loved to play with this and that
    and though she......uh....can't finish it!!! HEY MOLLY GIRL! Where are you today - in the park with the squiggles?

  4. Oh what a surprise! Savannah is your guest blogger today - that's just great!!! Should I try some of the Savannah-moves too? Hope my legs aren't knotted together after trying.... Have a wonderful sunday ;o)

  5. Aww! Savannah is a real cutie-patootie. I love it when people give grown-up dogs and kitties a chance to show what awesome family members they can be!

    Critter Alley

  6. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY Molly... that Savannah is like one of those Pole Dancer girrrls.

    PeeS... You did a GLORIOUS job with the Interviews yesterday. You made me feel really SPECIAL. You made us ALL feel so at ease. THANK YOU my FUREND THANK YOU!!!!

  7. Wowee what a special guest today Molly! Savannah, maybe you should take up modeling! Love your photo shoot!

  8. the singing and your dancing to it made me smile! loved it. you're very pretty!

  9. Savannah is really the Queen of her cat tower, love all the photos!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  10. Hey Molly I just woke up from my 100th nap of the day!!
    What a wonderful post about Savannah!!
    WE'll drop by to say hi now.
    Hugs Madi and thanks again for your wonderful commentary yesterday

  11. Oh My Cat!!! Molly!!! thank you, thank you!! I am so proud to be on your blog!! I love this post!!! I think I look pretty catgone good!! MOL, Paw hugs, Savannah

  12. Whoa! Savvy is my special BFGF! We're sisfurs from different mothers. What an adorable blog post. Love love love the pictures.

  13. Wow, a pole dancer and a purple hat wearing kit-cat!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. BOL we thin you are dancing to mom's singing
    Benny & Lily

  15. Hi Savannah your beautiful and great pictures. Have a great day.

  16. Oh my, Savannah is absolutely beautiful and from my area too!! :-D I love that she loves her Momma singing, how nifty! Great feature Molly!! :-D

  17. Savvy, the camera LOVES you! do we.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  18. Nice to meet you Savannah. You are one very lovely girl and have pearly gray furs like most of the Kitty Krew. We are so glad to hear how you came to find your new forever home. You, and your new family, are very lucky.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  19. Your friend, Savvy looks great. My only kitty friend is Cody from Cat Chat and he is a handsome fellow.

  20. Oh my cat! Such kind and gracious visitors you have Former Mayor Molly! I did not kow I was expected to recommend another smashing paw blogger for your Sunday Sharing. Lt me think just a sec.....hmmmmm,.....tapping cute white tipped paw up, down, up, down....ok...I have a very , very good BCF (best canine furriend)... And he is my official Champion and he carries my special handkerchief as a token of my honor which he always protects ( no mancat can make a pass at me...just sayin'...) so my recommendation is Jetty my big guy from Hey It's Jet Here. Paw pats to all, Savannah

  21. Excellent frolicking, Savvy! Thanks for featuring her today, Molly!!