Monday, 4 February 2013

Fog Blog, Mystic Molly Wrestles With The Snake Part 1!

Molly The Wally & The Year Of The Snake!

Mystic Molly Looks At The Year Of The Snake 10th February 2013.

Next week the 10th February is Chinese New Year and 2013 is the year of the Snake. Earlier this year we looked at pet horoscopes for 2013, so this time we take a look at what lies in store for our peeps.

Chinese Zodiac/Horoscope Symbols.

The Rat charismatic

Rats are charming, methodical and disciplined but can be scheming, self-centred and obstinate. They are very creative and exhibit excellent problem solving skills. They make awesome colleagues in administration and management.

For the year ahead you should focus on what is important and be prudence in financial matters. Thus those of us who live with a rat, should make sure they know we are their number one priority and frugal spending does not apply to us.  With regards to work, career and money the rat will be empowered to make decisions and move forward but not without carefully weighing up everything first. Come summer there could be romance and surprise holidays. Existing relationships will grow during the year and new ones will be made as a result of charm and charisma. In the latter half of the year incomes will increase, promotions may be gained and finances will look in good shape. So save any big demands like a new bed for this time of the year. Rats will be successfully materially before the years’ end. Therefore if you own a rat you can look forward to a swell Christmas.

The Ox

Oxen are sturdy, strong minded and diligent individuals but can be stubborn, difficult and over-zealous. However in the main you can depend on them and trust them completely. They are at their best when they are allowed to work alone. Oxen make great engineers, carpenters and archaeologists.

The Snake Year is fortunate for Oxen and will show you new things and experiences. The year will see you draw closer to your special people so all in all a good one for us furry friends. This is a year of great achievement, so work to attain the existence you crave, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. The first half of the year offers lots of fun for your peoples and romance to those that are single. In late summer or autumn you must try and keep the channels of communication open with your special ones and offer compromises to those who are not in agreement with you. Therefore furry friends this is a time to bring out the diva in you without fear of reproach. The year of the snake will bestow opportunities at work, promotions and the chances of financial gain.

The Tiger

A Tiger loves a challenge and ‘be damned with the consequences’ is their mantra. They can be stubborn and selfish when not in charge but they are also very generous in nature. Their excellent leadership abilities help them succeed in managerial roles and their artistic side makes them good, musicians, and artists. Literally flying by the seat of their pants makes them brilliant pilots.

The snake emphasises caution, discretion and prudence this year. Worry not, for it will be a good year for Tigers, as long as they remain cautious and refrain from meddling in affairs and problems of others. They should concentrate on their own path in the world. With hard work great progress will be steadily made in business, careers, in the arts and at home with the family. Spring is a time of reorganising from finances to the kitchen cupboard. The tiger will be on a mission to clear out that clutter so make sure your toys are well hidden lest they end up in the bin. Summer will be a time of moving on when it comes to education and career. For optimum results tigers should follow their intuition and passion. Late summer and autumn is the time to build on what you have achieved and leave those around you to fend for themselves. The snake heralds positive change for tiger that will set a stable foundation for the years to come.

The Hare

Rabbits are sensitive, outgoing and friendly but are fearful of confrontations and conflicts. They have awesome communications skills helping them achieve great success as politicians, writers, and publishers. They make excellent careers in fashion as well.

The Snake year asks of the rabbit, financial prudence, realism and time to solve problems. The key to the year is to remain content with your life and refrain from seeking change. Standing still will be the solution to having a serene year. Therefore if you own a bunny don’t let them hop from one crisis to the next just make sure they sit back and see how really lucky they are.  Don’t let them have moments of doubt, but make sure they stay cool and there will be nothing to worry about. Late spring and summer will be a time to work solidly and an extra bonus a summer romance will be on the cards for those who are single. Autumn is a time for your loved ones. Therefore furry friends you will have a great second half of the year, showered with plenty of attention. Make time for fun outings and trips. A year on no great change but a good one anyway.

The Dragon

Dominance and ambition are the chief characteristics of the dragon. The dragon loves a challenge and is always willing to take risks.They however can be irresponsible and prone to gambling on lifes’ outcomes. They prefer to work alone and make great inventors, engineers and architects.

The dragon must spend the year dotting the is’ and crossing the ts’. Attention to detail will allow careers to progress and plans to be activated.The year of the snake is definitely a time for dragons to plan a step up the career ladder, start or expand a business or move home. Earthly and Celestial support are there to help your progress and strategies. Spring is the time to start new projects and you’ll know if you are on track by summer. Ignore any cynicism or opposition. For us furry friends it is our duty to take an interest in these matters and show our support any way we can. We must remind them to be careful not to neglect us, no matter how busy they are. A year of achievement for the dragon and therefore a year of great satisfaction.

The Snake

Snakes are graceful and intelligent but they do love the materialistic side of life and love luxury in all things. They have a superior analytical mind which helps them achieve success as scientists, dieticians, and investigators.

Your year, the year of the snake, spells moderation, patience, and stability. Don’t expect to make immense headway or vast wealth just because you are a snake. Progress in all lifes’ spheres will be good but don’t expect to set the world on fire. Be patient and try not to make sudden changes, whatever the temptation. Remember it is best to stick to accustomed pathways and roads this year. It is for us to show our snake people that now is not the time for great change and maybe what they have got is actually quite good. The year is summed up as the grass is not always greener. In late spring and summer watch your words and be tactful. In the autumn take care with contracts, job offers and business deals. Make sure you look at the fine print. A good steady year and a fine one for the creative, arty and spiritual sides of the snakes.

Tomorrow we have the horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog & boar!

Wow and we received this wonderful award from lovely Betty. Thank you Betty we are thrilled.  We will put it on our awards page with pride. The Spring Bouquet Swap is still open until Sunday 10th February over at Betty blog so why not pop over and join in. Details are Here! 


  1. Oh dawg, that means our Chinky take away will be shut..BOL Love all the info Molly :) Have a wonderful Monday xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. We read Mommy's horoscope and it describes her to a T! But she says we aren't allowed to mention which animal she is...

  3. Mom is bummed that she wasnt born in the year of the dog. Great work Molly

    urban hounds

  4. Woof! Woof! Guess WHAT? We celebrate Chinese New Year and its my YEAR!!! LOVE your photo. I gotta ask mom to buy me a snake toy. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. I'm a boar...or is that a bore ;-) I'll have to tune in tomorrow to learn about myself!

  6. Goodness sakes....YOU ARE JUST WAY TOO CUTE MIZ MOLLY AND your horoscope skills are to a "T" because you have described each animal (my husband and myself) SO ACCURATELY!!!!!!

    Have I told you how cute you are?
    Have i told you how well that snake goes with your eyes?
    Miz Mystic Molly, you have made my day.
    NOW OFF TO TEACH with a smile on my face! Anita

  7. Hi Molly!
    I love this post!
    Chinese New Year is so much fun and Snakes are sooo cool!!
    My Auntie Ashley has her on 10th February too so thats going to be fun and chinese themed!!! My Mum is a Rat and My Dad is a Boar, I'm a Tiger and so is My Auntie Ashley!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxx

  8. Oh I'm an ox - it's true - I'm an archaeologist! Hey it's MY year - I guessed it.
    Mom is a monkey - what else ;o) and dad a rooster - of course he can't lay eggs ;o) Thanks a lot Molly for the wrestling with the snake ;o)

  9. The year of the snake?! Hope that doesn't mean we'll be seeing a lot of rattlesnakes on the trail this year! ;-) Sure wish we knew when Wrigs was born.

    Susan and Wrigs

  10. Looks like you got the better of the snake Molly!

  11. I'm a rabbit - sounds like good times ahead:-)
    Good job wrestling that snake btw:-)

  12. Hmmmmmmm, I don't know which one is me, but I do love your photo with the snake!

  13. So it is the year for my Sneaky Snake. Well he will be happy to hear that. MOM wants the dog, but she is a horse. hahhahah

  14. You scared with half to death with your title. Wrestling with a snake!

    Mommy said she was born in the year of the Dog. Very fitting bcuz to us she is the Big Dog around here.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  15. Hi Molly. what can I say, you look so cute with your pet snake, Chinese New Year is such fun, make sure you mom gives you plenty of red envelops.What sign are you?

  16. My mom is a RAT and Dad is a Dragon... At LEAST ..SHE isn't a TREE Rat!! THAT is a real relief.

    We didn't KNOW that you would REALLY have a SNAKE... it kinda Scared us when we saw it. Is it a cussin of Goose's Sneaky Snake???

  17. Molly what a sweet picture of you with your stuff snake.
    Mom is year of the Ox and I'm the Horse...MOL both can be rather is a wonder Mom and I can live in the same house.
    Hugs madi your bFFF

  18. Cool drool, Molly! I'm an Ox and your info states that we make great archaeologists. This is quite true, as I do like to DIG in the yard - BOL :)

  19. Oh goody Chineses new year - Ambercat loves chinese food - we think she may have belonged to a chinese take away before we rescued her as she likes it so much and we happen to have home made sweet and sour chicken tonight! I love the dragon dancey stuff they do at New Year and all the red lanterns. Oh yes and please do mention my swap as you so kindly offered - thankyou. Betty x

  20. Congrats on your award! At first we were scared that snake was causing you distress so we were relieved all was OK.

    Murphy & Stanley
    Two Cool Doods

  21. Me mum's a RAT! BOL! Me's a nice little rabbit!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  22. We like that Chinese New Year stuff
    Benny & Lily

  23. Well done Molly on your award!
    Oh my woof, I didn't know me and Eve have the same zodiac thingie! This is so cool!
    I'm sure if you or me were at that Zodiac Chinese race between all the animals many years ago, we would have won!
    Pip :)

  24. Wow mom and dad and Bailey are horses, Hazel is a monkey, and me, Greta, I am a dragon!!!
    how cool
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  25. Mum is the dog, but she can't decide whether she was born in 1910 or 2006, BOL!
    Looking forward to hearing what the dog predicts for her.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  26. Fascinating stuff! We likes reading about each one and can't wait until tomorrow's batch. Purrs....

  27. SHE's a rat. I, Daisy, am a sheep, Bella is an Ox and Roxy a Rabbit! We might start a Petting Zoo.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  28. thanks for the horoscope, molly.

  29. This is so right...Master is a very good leader! You're so smart!


  30. I wonder if that snake is related to Goose's Sneaky Snake? Could be a distant British relative!
    Play bows,

  31. Kewl award Molly...Condogulations! Momz is a bunny and I'm a rat, so i guess we're not moving house this year, and I'm gonna make us some dog bone money...sounds ok to me...Thanks for the forecast :)

  32. Dear Molly,

    I am a Rat. This is okay - I like chasing Rats. Fun! But what is "financial matters"?


  33. I'm an Ox and that report just about sums me up.


  34. Phod and the Man are both tigers and Lee and the Lady rabbits. We think Rabbits rule. What is really funny is our cats are boars and we think they are boars. Lee and Phod

  35. Wow my snake zodiac segment was right on, what people have been telling me!!! You are some kind of physcic I knew it! Thanks for that it left me feeling a little more at peace today! p.s- I am doing a ancient dog event over on my blog where you just enter your dogs name and breed and he can be entered to have a history review all about his breed and how he came to be!

  36. HAH! The Woman is a horse! Can't wait for her prediction. Hope its not dire.

  37. Wow, I really am a rabbit! This is like magic!! I wonder if mom will really be a rooster? That sounds tasty...

  38. Well, I'm a Rat and my sister Stanzie is a Snake. That sounds about right...BOL

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  39. Our mama is a Rat and our dad is a dog. The Kitty Crew are Tigers and the kittens who were born last year are Dragons. Our Mama may be a Rat but when it comes to us she is not a penny pincher. That makes us happy. Thanks for all the info Molly.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  40. Congratulations on your award. I think every year should be the year of the dog!

  41. Very pretty snake hope you kicked it's @ss. Looking good and be safe today.

  42. OMD, Molly...the Bunny is sooooo me!! :-D Whoa! That's incredible! I'm really really great at communicating (sometimes Domeek says too much) and I even though I'm a social butterfly, I hate conflict at the doggie park! Super cool!

  43. Did you beat the snake Molly?

    I checked and I'm a TIGER!! How cool is that, I think Mum's a PIG, not nearly as cool! ANyway, it says I'm good in a managerial role, which makes sense, cos I'm great at managing all the mischief around here!! Tee Hee

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  44. What a coincidence...Sunday my brother and I were identifying our Chinese zodiac animals while mowing down some Tangerine chicken :) I am a Tiger and I think the advice that I should concentrate on my own path in the world matches my reality right now. I am searching for a job in a different field than my career history is in and applying for Graduate school in the Fall that will lead to a career change.