Sunday, 24 March 2013

Share It Sunday’, Guest Blog The Adventures Of The Tank!

Nominated by last week’s guest Milos’ Life Story!

Castle Coch Adventure with Auntie Ashely!

Me, Mum and Auntie Ashley.

Castle Coch (Red Castle)

The Map with the many different hikes on the Taff Trail.

A Sign-Post.

The Sun on my Puggy Face!

Little Twig Huts!

Where to go??

Off we go to take Ashley on an Adventure to see The Dragon!

We found really scary tunnels, they may have been dungeons that were with the Castle!

The Lost or Found Trail.

Cute wood Post box with a carving of a spider and a snail.

More carvings in the wood.

 Lets Go!

The Spider ate Mum! You ok Mum??

Ashley in the wood twig hut.

Me inside the tree branch hut!

The tree branch hut.

A Wood Watch.

Dad sees a Calderon! He likes the frog!

Me, Mum and Dad work our magic!

Me and Mum try our hand at some Hubble Bubble!

Ashely and Mum do some Toil and Trouble!

My Friend The Dragon. The Dragon is sleeping so I try and wake him up!

Even with me on his head he is still snoring away fast asleep!

Me looking up at Dad.

Me and Mum!

I'm on top of The Dragons head when his eyes open and he wakes up!See his big red eye!!!  Oh My Pugness! PLEASE don't eat me!

Me, Mum and Ashley

The Tree with the wood Nymph carving.

Me, Mum and Ashley try and lift the Gold filled Treasure Chest!

The Treasure!

 Me on The Leaf Seat.

Me and Mum on The Leaf Seat.

Ashley on The Leaf Seat.

Me and Dad on The Leaf Seat.

The Gorgeous views from The Leaf Seat.

 Horses in the field.

 On the way home through the woods to The Castle.

Another wonderful walk around Castle Coch, it was so much fun to show Ashley the Castle and The Dragon and all the fun wood carvings!
I got home, had food and lay down for a well deserved snooze!
I hope you enjoyed it too!

Frank can be found over at The Adventures Of The Tank!

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From the author Molly The Wally.

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  1. I am sure that any dragon would be more terrified of a might Pug than the other way around!

  2. Oh WOW!!!! What a beautiful place to visit!!!
    Have a nice sunday.
    Woof, woof,


  3. That sure is a beautiful place. Wez all behind Molly, your fault, we have been Mark n Spencer shopping.. Bawaahhaaaa xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Now that was one fun adventure and such pretty sights!

  5. Woof! Woof! Lovely place. FUN adventures. Going to visit Tank's blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. What a wonderful place! A castle ( hey I'm a knight!) tunnels and a treasure - think I would like to live there :o) But first I should visit Tank - he looks cool! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with me, Molly !!!

  7. Hi Molly and thanks for featuring Tank he has the most exciting adventures with him Mum, Dad and Auntie.
    We love his precious pug face too
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  8. What a great adventure. We enjoyed all the super pictures ....

    have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  9. Wonderful Adventure! Almost the keeper of the castle!

  10. What a fun trip. Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

    Critter Alley

  11. We know Tank! Looks like his Momma did get eaten by that spider thing!! Have a good Sunday!

  12. Hi Y'all!

    I hurried on over to Frank's place. Seems like he really know how to have a great time. Thanks for introducing us, Molly!

    Molly, be sure you come on by on Tuesday. I have an Award for you.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  13. That castle and tunnels look like so much fun! Safe to say you had a amazing walk!

  14. That looks like a fun place to visit!

  15. What a great post by your furiend... and what a great place to go visit!! They had such a great time.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

  16. What a beautiful walk. Will pop over to say hello to Tank!

  17. Hi Molly!
    Thank you so much for my guest apperance on your blog, I hope that you and everyone else enjoyed the adventure, it was nice to re-live the adventure on your blog and such an honour to be a guest on 'Share It Sunday’ - I would like to nominate either Finn Howard or Sugar ro take part in next weeks 'Share It Sunday’ becuse I would like to see more of them! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxx