Monday 19 March 2012

Dog Blog On The Campaign Trail Again

Molly The Wally does politics

On the campaign Trail again in America.

America’s guv’nor said he was “chuffed to bits”’ to welcome David Cameron and wife Samantha to the White House for a “great natter”. Rounding off his English slang repertoire, he then quipped: “I’m confident we’re going to keep the relationship top notch.” He then continued that it was “Fandabbydozy” to have his “spiffing chums” over for a “pow-wow” and it was” tattyfularias”. to invite them to tea and “scownes”. He stated that he was full of ”plumptiosness” and “gertitude” for their continuing special relationship.  David Cameron replied in his most cut glass English accent “Aweigh then me old mucka, know wha' I'm sayin' m8? No but yea, its propa sorted! Nice you get me bruv!

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