Sunday, 18 March 2012

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Leo ‘The Lumberjack & The Olympic Teletubbies.

Leo The Lumberjack & The Olympic Teletubbies.

Leo ‘The Log Dog’ now known as ‘The Lumberjack’ found another log for me. Took one look at it and with weary sigh trotted off to the cafe. Sitting down I ponder the hideousness of the new Olympic uniform. This awful ensemble features shades of Barbie pink and purple. Our Olympic ambassadors will waddle around the streets of London looking like Tinky Winky out of the Teletubbies. This is then topped with a straw trilby hat with pink ribbon reminiscent of Lance Corporal Jones the butcher in Dad’s Army. All that is missing is a pink rucksack with ‘Dora The Explorer’ emblazoned on the back and we are done. I am available for image consultations for a small fee!


  1. perhaps "the log dog" is collecting the poles for the vault?

  2. Haha, nice description and great photo. Have to agree, the uniforms are pretty disgusting.

    1. I hear from good authority the British Team will be dressed as Smurfs!