Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Park What A Lark

Molly The Wally & The Police.

Chasing Squirrels.

With great dexterity managed to evade capture by my human whilst chasing squirrels yet again. Was feeling pretty pleased with myself and didn’t notice a large crowd gathering. I was so intent on my mission I failed to spot that trouble was brewing.  It took three of her Majesty’s Constabulary to eventually capture me to a great round of applause from the public. Sulked all the way home! Don’t they know squirrel chasing is not a spectator sport?

The Chase Game!

O Molly the Wally from a distance I see
That squirrels to you are not good company
Their big bushy tails cause you to give chase
Thank God for the trees they can climb and embrace
As they sit up the tree and torment you some more
You suddenly realise the chase ended in a draw

Penned by May

Thank You Molly


  1. It's a fair cop gov !

  2. Oh dear Molly, nicked again. This won't look good on your record !