Friday, 6 April 2012

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Molly The Wally meets the robot guinea pig.

Octavia the robot can trundle through flames and put out fires.

Octavia the robot can trundle through flames, taking instructions in sign language from a human handler - and put out fires with a compressed air/water hose. This reminds of the time I came across my first cyborg. The automated guinea pig traveled towards me whilst I was asleep and proceeded to squeak in my face. The whole of its body had been taken over by electromechanical devices as it proceeded to make chomping noises as it ate a plastic lettuce leaf followed my gulping as it drank a bottle of milk. As this cybernetically enhanced being was intent on assimilating other beings in an effort to become the perfect race, I ran and hid behind the sofa. Lucky to have escaped body harvesting by the evil droid guinea pig from ‘The Plunet Gooeenea Peeg’ !!!!!! 


  1. Don't worry the batteries will eventually run out in the evil droid guinea pig Molly.
    From RD-D2

    1. It keeps going and going and the energizer bunny