Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dog Blog On The Campaign Trail, ‘Brother Ken’ Again.

On The Campaign Trail with Molly The Wally.

Ken Livingston & his fish and chips.

Labours' Lord Sugar urged voters to reject Ken Livingstone in the next months credit crunch mayoral elections. On the campaign trail again the old newt-fancier appears to be showing his age and is as sluggish and moribund as one of his newt tanks. The former mayor recently held a press shin-dig in ‘The Laughing Halibut’, near Victoria Street, posing with a plate of cod, chips and mushy peas. My sources in Molly Media have reported that an anti-Ken activist was seen entering the premises early that morning armed with several fish tanks and a Kenwood liquidiser. Brother Ken on finding that the mushy peas were none other than his much beloved collection of newts tried to squeeze out a few tears but failed. The activist was heard saying that a second failure at being mayor may send the newt scuttling back under a rock.

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