Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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Molly The Wally goes Regal.

Royal Molly The Wally Goes Regal.

The Queen has finally given the Duchess of Cornwall the seal of approval by awarding her the Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order to mark the seventh anniversary of her wedding to Prince Charles.  Being of royal descent myself I feel I too should be honoured by her Maj forthwith. I can trace my lineage all the way back to the ‘Merry Monarch’ King Charles The Second which makes me a ‘True Blue’. I have suggested the following titles be bestowed upon my good self without delay, Her Royal Walliness Order of the Bark, Free Dog of The Common, Protector of The Sunday Roast, and honorary Beefeater. After all since’ Fred The Shred’ lost his there is one is going spare! The ‘Cash for Peerages’ scandal notwithstanding I have raided my piggy bank and a brown envelope with 20 pence and a half chewed rodeo is winging its way to Buck House as we speak!


  1. Molly I think it is a disgrace that you haven't been honoured thus far. With your regal ante-cedents you should at the very least be grand duchess of the realm with dominion over all vermin bearing trees. I shall dash off a missive to Her Maj forthwith.

    1. Thank you for your support in weighty matter!
      Best wishes Molly