Friday, 13 April 2012

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Molly The Wally Does A Little Banking!

Molly The Wally Does A Little Banking!

Apparently London is the most impressive city in the world... at least according to the mega-rich! We have got more tax dodging millionaires, Gekko impersonators and modern day Dick Turpins than any other city. Our exclusive shopping is envied by the world but you won’t be able to afford to do any and due to traffic jams caused by road works, burst water pipes and the Olympics you can’t get there anyway. Tourists wanting to sample our superb cultural attractions will be leaving in droves as prices rocket during the ‘Jubil-ylmpics’. Sky high property prices means sales of tents will be very buoyant as no normal person can afford to buy properties. My sources at Molly Media have told me the Knightsbridge is to be renamed Loadsofmoney in the borough of Taxdodge. Horrids the local corner shop is doing a roaring trade in Champagne, caviar and truffles. But don’t worry the rest of us riff-raff can live of humble pie and tug our forelocks at our betters.


  1. Molly, does humble pie taste as good as Pukka Pies ?