Thursday 3 January 2013

Mystic Molly Brings Your Horoscope for 2013 Part 4.

Mystic Mollys' Pet Predictions for 2013 Part 4.

Mystic Mollys' Pet Predictions for 2013 Part 4. For Birthdays and Gotcha days.

Capricorn Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Being humble will put you in good stead as predicted in your horoscope 2013. Year 2013 is asking you to earn all your happiness. Be happy and feel happy and you will achieve a positive atmosphere at home that will make your humans happy too. There will be a huge understanding of you and your peoples, which will result in harmony. You will however not like the interference of your humans in your personal matters. All these issues can be resolved by being a little crafty and showing great patience in your character. In blog-land, you are going to fly high as a kite. Every risk taken by you will turn to victory and people will start seeking your advice for their betterment too. You will be noticed, admired and praised for your intelligent. After the whirl of activity that surrounds you, you will enjoy many snuggle up moments in your basket where you can bask in the warmth of your life. You might get worried for your health but fret not, the only trip to the dawgtor will be for your yearly check-up. If you are a single pup or kitty then there are chances of starting a relationship with someone who is really good. Stability in finance is also predicted for your peoples so no need to be a ‘Frugal-Dougal’ this year.

Aquarius Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

2013 is going to be a better than average year for you. You will develop some more charm by the second half of the year, which will lead you to greater happiness in relationships with your family members. Before that, everything will be perfectly fine at your home. Horoscope 2013 is indicating toward a different year for you. There will be many fantastic opportunities, which is a good thing. The year seems satisfying from the blog point of view. Some very successful and experienced people might offer their help and partnership. You might also get help from a stranger, which will bestow fruitful results to you. Your furry friends are going to be highly active and you will like-wise find yourself amongst a whirlwind of activity. People around you will also go through a wonderful time and you might get some perks from them. Health-wise there is nothing to worry about but you should make sure you get lots of rest in between all that socialising. You will be able to give happiness to your peoples and your relationship will prosper. Try to give more time and understanding to your love interest to make them feel important, remember significant others need pampering too. Changes in finance will be definitely positive so make sure you put in those demands for new collars and leads and all the accessories a furry friend about town might need.

Pisces Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

The forecast of horoscope 2013 is showing that the stars are going to favour you this year. It will be quite easy for you to cope with these favourable situations without being overwhelmed. In a blink of your eye, you will find yourself dazzled and amazed by the pawsome events that unfold. You will try to make your family happy and will get many credits for that. Minor naughty behaviour may occur from from time to time. You will be able to make amends and find peace easily. You will be understood by the peoples around you and even your loved one will marvel at how eloquent you are. If you have never been very serious about your love life, it is important that you do so this year. It is predicted in Horoscope 2013 that your love life, will flourish if you do not take things for granted. Share toys and treats and long walks together. Your blog world will be hectic but fun. You will instigate many fun new initiatives which will be very successful. You will have much to enjoy. You will be healthy, happy and wise this year. Your peoples income will be constant. Therefore no worries this year, all the goodies will keep on coming.

Dogton Abbey Specials ................coming.............starting tomorrow...........The Who Dun It?????....... Revealed!!!!!Soon!!!!!!!

And look what we received from My Pawsitively Pets! 10 Coolest Pets With Blogs 2012! Wow we are thrilled and touched. We have popped onto to our Blog Awards Page and onto our blog. Thank you so much we are so proud.
Best wishes Molly.


  1. Ooooh Dogton Abbey is very good, the show is starting up again on the tv soon

    urban hounds

  2. Hey Molly, I wonder if you can predict if i will have more messes to clean up and tell me who is leaving me 'gifts' from my cursed pattern. Lol!

  3. OH BOY! Looks like I just might finally find a boyfriend! Thanks!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  4. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You stopped RIGHT at the cusp of my horoscope, but I will wait patiently, for I know that Madame Molly needs a break from all this predicting! You need a rest my dear! ALL THAT POWER OOOZIING out of that pretty little furry head of yours!


  5. Molly you sure got my mom right today...She's a FishieSign & she likes efurrything you said will be coming for her in 2013 :)

    Mom & I love Dogton Abbey & can't wait to see what happens next

    *snoogles* your pal Gizmo

  6. Very interesting, although I struggle to see how I could be more charming than I am already, and frankly, no-one would need a horoscope to predict that I shall be a whirlwind of activity!
    Toodle pip!

  7. Well it seems that I should have a very good year.

  8. Congrats on the award! And Daisy's very happy with her Pisces horoscope! ;)

  9. Very interesting! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  10. Hey Molly,

    Big congrats on your award - you rock!! Love the graphic, someone's very talented! :)

    Happy New Year to all of you,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  11. Of course you are one of the coolest pet blogs out there! I can't wait for the next installment of Dogton Abbey.


  12. Congratulations dear Molly!!! ...I will wait here for Dogton Abbey ... where are my treats and my pillow? have a fabulous and COOOOOL thursday ;o)

  13. These are very good forecasts. WELL done.
    CONGRATULATIONS of being in that Excellent group.

    I am a Gemini and Ernie is a Leo. Mom had to tell us that. hehehe

  14. Mrs. Master and I are both Aquarius so we are very excited about all the activity and socialization. I'm mostly excited about extra $$ for more bones!


  15. OMDs Molly...I'm a Pisces and I do declare it sounds like my year as Mayoress of Blogville is going to be a good one.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  16. We're waiting with bait on breath for the Dogton Abbey to return!!

  17. Hey, where are we on this cool blog list - BOL!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  18. Congratulations on the award- it is much deserved!

    The horoscopes are wonderful-

  19. Congratulations on being a Cool Pet with Blog for 2012! :)

  20. Cool award - congrats!

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. Mum is a Pisces, hopefully that means i'll be getting loads of treats....
    Love Milo :)

  22. Dakota is a Pisces....will have to show him this!

  23. congratulamations Molly, you is a excellent fortune teller and also a super-cool dogblogger.


  24. Que legal!
    Parabéns pelo premio *-*

    Beijos e tenha uma linda noite!!!

  25. Hi Molly congratulations on the award, it's well cool.


  26. Gosh Mollie fancy getting on a blog list like that - well done.
    Your horoscopes are very good - Ambercat is a gemini and she will certainly be taking the advice for lots of naps... I know these aren't for humans but pisces looks so good I want to believe it could be for me! I can't wait for Dogton Abbey. Betty x

  27. Congrats on the award! It is cool.

    Lee is a Capricorn and is looking forward to 2013!

  28. Sounds like I'm gonna have an exciting 2013. Concats on making the cool list.

  29. You are a cool pet. keep up the good work.

  30. HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Molly and family, BONNE ANNEE 2013 !

  31. Congratulations on being named bestest bloggy. You are so pawsome, I love coming to visit you and you deserve awards all the time. I am glad we are pals Molly.

    Loveys Sasha

  32. So glad to hear that my peeps will be able to afford to buy me lots of food and treats this year:-)
    Looking forward to Dogton!

  33. Congrats on your award! Very cool. Thunder is Pisces. He will be happy to know that his love life will flourish. ;)

  34. My mom was so happy to read about hers! She loved to hear that," You will be healthy, happy and wise this year. Your peoples income will be constant. Therefore no worries this year, all the goodies will keep on coming."