Friday, 9 March 2012

Bog Blog Again, Mr Fox The Pest!

Molly The Wally is not a happy bunny.

Mr.Fox is proving a pest and the dreaded diet.

Things I’d like to flush down the bog! Firstly the fox who continues to goad me. Last night he raided the bin and now my emergency food stash has gone.  So far no news from ‘The Beagle Society’. Secondly the kibbles but we can’t afford Dyno Rod again! It seems Lucky likes them so sending more! Thirdly and most importantly, my vet DC, who ungallantly mentioned my weight. Those scales have not been recalibrated since Phillip Von Jolly invented the ruddy things. Jolly of course being the operative word, as he is solely responsible for inflicting misery on millions. My human bought back a large sack of ‘Kibbles Lite’ which I am sure are what remains of my log. Help!  

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