Tuesday, 27 March 2012

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Molly The Wally The Chef.

Dunkers are in revolt over the low-fat Digestive biscuit recipe 

It’s the great British Digestive disaster! Dunkers are in revolt over the low-fat biscuit recipe that has a tendency to crumble and have a high breakage level.  These pieces of cardboard masquerading as biscuits put me in mind of my own anguish at the sight of a bow full of kibbles-lite! Due to the fact that I am on a diet I did my very own taste testing. My conclusion is that they are not fit for purpose and therefore should only be used as Frisbees by small furry animals when I am not busy chasing them. Have started a petition ‘Dunker’s Don’t Dunk Junk, Chuck The Whole Stash In The Trash’!

There has been a fight in the biscuit tin! The Gingerbread Man hit a penguin with a club, tied him to a wagon wheel with a blue ribbon and made his getaway. Police say he was just seen after eight by a Viscount from Maryland hobnobbing with a Ginger Nut and an accomplice known to the police as Rich Tea. They don't have a crumb of evidence and the jammy dodger might get away with it!

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