Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lark In The Park & A Skateboard

Molly The Wally goes skateboarding.

The Came Dine With Me Saga.

Met Peter from Slovakia today and had a go at skateboarding. Things were going splendidly well until I tried to master the art of the kickflip. Kissed the pavement so sulked off to the cafe to nurse my bruised ego. Dudes skateboards are only good for firewood! Sat and mused over the increasingly embarrassing ‘Came’ Dine With Me’ saga, where cash donations can buy you a wine and dine night with the Prime Minister. Dinner with Dave and Sam allegedly comprises of a KFC Mega Bucket followed by a Walls Vienetta all washed down with a family sized bottle of Tizer. Mr Crony Chairman stated that ‘The Dine In For Two For £50,000 was good value for money and he is looking forward to continuing the promotion.

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