Friday, 27 April 2012

Dog Blog Molly Mobile Inquiry

Molly The Wally with her Molly Mobile.

The Molly Mobile Phone hacking Inquiry.

‘Antipodean Media Mogul Robert In The Dock’ came under continuing scrutiny today as the ‘Levitation Inquiry’ continues to ask the same questions again and again. This comes just days before ‘Parliament's Vulture Committee’ and ‘The Committee For Committed Committees’ publish their findings on the phone hacking scandal. Not to be left out I have also opened my own inquiry at Molly Media where at great expense I too will ask the same questions repeatedly. My findings I can already reveal will be I have never had, or ever have, or never will be aware of any impropriety in my organisation. ‘The Molly Mobile Inquiry’ hopes to squash rumours that my dog reporters get bigger scoops as they have an unfair advantage by pretending to be dumb mutts.  Who needs to hack into a ‘Dog And Bone’ (phone) when all one needs to do is sit looking thick. I hear David Cameron is a neighbour of Rebekah Brooks. He didn't realise for ages, as he thought it was a fox going through his bins.

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