Saturday, 28 April 2012

Flog It Blog It Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Molly The Wally God Save The Queen Punk Rock.

Biggest pink diamond is to be auctioned for over $8 million.

Biggest pink diamond is to be auctioned and is set to raise over $8million. My sources at Molly Media have informed me hat Prince Philip plans on surprising Queen Elizabeth with the gem for her ‘Diamond Jubilee’ on June 5th. To fund the purchase of this bauble the prince has demanded that the European Union ‘Gravy Train Committee’ hand over an immediate £10bn austerity aid package. Cash strapped Phillip whilst rattling his begging bowl blamed the global unrest and the impending crash of the world economy for his predicament. He told reporters that he had been forced to moonlight as waiter at ‘The Athena Taverna’ in Greek Street. Unfortunately he was sacked after telling celebrity food reviewer Jamie Pullover, “Well the food isn't up to much, but the plates are smashing”. In desperation he was last seen flogging doner kebabs from the back of the Daimler.

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