Thursday, 19 April 2012

FLog It Blog It Bunion Clog It.

Molly The Wally Bunion Busters.

Christian Louboutin eat your heart out here comes Dr Mollys' Bunion Busters!

Christian Louboutin has no sympathy for women who struggle in his ridiculously high heeled stilettos my sources at Molly Media report. Among his long-suffering fans are Coleen Rooney and Victoria Beckham who reportedly now have bunions so big that their phenomenal shoe collections are somewhat redundant.  We suggest that they wear my patent ‘Dr Molly Bunion Buster Big Boots’ which allow for maximum comfort whilst still looking stylish and chic. Additional benefits include exercise and tone as each of these weight 12lbs and personal protection as you wouldn’t want to get kicked by one of these. Thus great savings can offset the initial cost of purchase as gym membership can be cancelled, bodyguards would be a thing of the past and Mr Louboutin outlandish callous creations can get sold on Ebay. Available at all outlets of Dr Molly Mart, in three fashionable colours white, off white and new white, and widths from Big Foot to Canoe. 

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