Sunday, 1 July 2012

'Share It Sunday’, Guest Blog Posiedorg!

Nominated by last week’s guest blogger Dip Dip & The Bridge!


Good Evernin Pals,

I iz commin to yoo wiv, perhapps, da mosht impawtint annownsmint I has evvir hadd fur yas! Sooo pleees lissen upp!

Beffur tho I wuntt to say dat I hass been reedin awll yoor commints to mee, n I lovve reeding theem awll n I iz sorry I haz nutt had thee tiyme to repliy to everywun laytely, eet has beed a buziiee week! Butt, I assure yoo, I'z will be own top formm agen ASAP! OKays?! N the olerpiks r comin up soon, n I iz yoor parayde hosht!!! YEAH! Me, littel owl nyeewbie, Pozzer! EEetz troo!!! Yeeeaah!

Ok, soooo impawint nyoooz n summ kweshchuns fur yas!!!! Ma mummer has beed finkin abowt helpin mee to wriyte ma own bookie!! YEAH, eetz troo, cann yoo believe eet!? We iz soo pleeesed at hoow welcommering everywun hass beed own blogville n eet has mayde ma conferdence as a wriytin doggy groow n groow (evinn tho ma shpellin ees still atrooshus, butt I cann worrk own ma litracy layter, heeheee)!

Eet waz neviir ower intenshuns to wriyte a bookie, butt we fink datt noww eet is tiyme, n we will tell yoo fur whyy:

Therrs an Aniymall Sanktuarry neer to ma homme, n theyy tayke cayre owf lotds n lotds of aniymalls, frum doggies n katz, to chinchillars n gooawts n pownies!!! Eeetz a trooooly reemarkible plaacey!! YEAH! EEes cawlled "The Willows Animal Sanctuary", Check It Out Here! Butt, they iz runnin owt owf funds, n thiz is veryy very sad stuffs, bekaws, this placey is "lasht chancey salooon" furr maniie pets n anirmals, ovir da whooole owf Scottland, whenn no-wun elshe wunts them or will tayke cayre owf them!! Therres poor horsies thatt werre fownd starvinn n pussie cats thatt hav been hurted, n oh gosh, guyz they need LOVE n happeryness! Furr example look at thees littel gal whoo theyy has savid n lovd n cayred fur.


Annd these wun too.


Howw cyoot arr theiy?!
Butt, Anywaiys, I iz tellin yoos awll dis, bekuss, therre is onli moneey left too keep the placey gowin for a fyoo weeks! SOooooooo, I was liyke WHOOOOOOOT!??!? Thees cannut be!?!?! So... I has desiydered to do sumfin abowt eeet, seence efurry anirmal deservis to be happery n sayfe n lovid!!! YERSIREEE! EEeetz trooo! SO.....I iz gowna wriyte a bookie n sell itt to THA WHOOLE WURLD n trrry to raiyse as mutch awayrniss n moneey fur deese guys as posserble!! I fink I will do a book adapshun of Liyfe Froo Posiedorg's Eyez!!!
I wunt to knoww whot yoo guys fink?! Do yoo fink eets a good eye-dea?! Whot do yoo fink I shood wriyte ma bookie abowt?! Hass anywun dunn any bookie-wriytin?!?!

Datts awll I'z gotted to sayy toniyte furr nows, kus me n mummer has lotds of planinn n finkin to doo, butt we wudd love to knows whot awll yoo bloggin pals fink!!

I'z cannut waiyt to get bakk rownd n viseet yoo awll ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butt furs now, I saiy, love too yas n likkers, n tayke good cayre,

Yooor furrend.......

Eeetz troo (TM) heeheeheeheeheeehee!
Me Uppidatie!
And me n mummer has desiydered to do da bookie abowt da OLERMPIKS, how cool will dat be?!  Annd ees awll kus owf Molly da Wallys ingeneeius eye-dea, eet was very brainy owf herr!! Eet can be a collaborativv effurt wivv any pawtissypants and hosts whoo wunt to gett involvved!!! N we fank yoo awll in advanse, eets troo! I is gownna be makkin upp an emaiyl n maybee a forrm fur pawtissypants to fill in to say yoo is happery for yoor pikoors to be yoosed in da bookie, andd if yoo is nutt happery, den I will mayke shure yoo duss nutt appeer in da bookie!  Ill tell yas morre abowt awll dis soon thfo okays!?

Willows sanctuary can be found at the link below.

About Posiedorg!

"Herlo awll of Mollys furrends, andd lissen upp aniie furrend owf ma pretty furrend Molly is a furrend owf mines! So herlo furrends!! I iz a Posie dorg, a borderr terriorist n awll rownd loverble nutt! heehee! I iz twoo yers owld n I loves snorsages! I livve upp in Aberrdeenshiyre, Scottyland, wiv ma dadder n mummer!! I has onliiee been bloggin fur a mattir owf weeks butt I lovves eet n I lovves awll ma nyoo fanz n pals!  I wriyte abowt liyfe as I knows eet, andd ma hollerdays n ma toys n ma auntie Rowie (da jakk russel) n uncel Wesley (da lhasar apsoo) n uncel Bob (da budgie)! Ma catchfrayse is: EEEES TROOO! heehee! Anwaiys, eets grayte to be ovver heer at Mollys fur da day, she is a wunderfull dorgie!"

Thanking you for all you kind comments but we would like to say The Bookie is Posiedorgs and we are just a mere helping paw.

Continuing to give something back on my ‘Share It Sunday’. We all share and we grow together!

From the author Molly The Wally


  1. WE Fink a book is a great idea! If's ya need any elp wiff it, just ask and we will be more than appy to help. :)
    Big licks and Purrrs
    Mollie and Alfie x

  2. Happy Canada Day to you too!!! Sadly, I'm not Canadian:( Whatever... (:

  3. Oh Molly the Wolly, you are so generous and kind my sweet canine...look at you. What kind of pooch are YOU?

    I LOVE LIBBY! My heart breaks for ANY abused or neglected critter, but when I see a HORSE in distress, my heart just hurts.

    WISHING YOU Molly girl, a FUN AND FAB SUNDAY! Anita

  4. Thanks for sharing! All the animals are sweet & cute. I can read dog talk very well :)

  5. A book!!! It is going to be great! Good luck!

  6. What a sweet post thanks for allowing your guests a spot on your blog,
    A book sounds very exciting.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. Hello Molly, Reuben here. I is writing a dogbook of my own, to impart my many wisdoms on the subject of braveries for all of the whole worlds. I think you has a great idea there and I looks forward to hearing more about your big Olympics book!

  8. Great post, and a book what could be better

    urban hounds

  9. Oh Molly I think if you put you mind, heart and soul into your book project you could make it happen. The last chance saloon certainly deserves your efforts.
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. Happy Canada day! Love Posie, she's so funny!

  11. A book i'm looking forward to that.


  12. We have great Posie love... she is fantastical. Thank you for letting her guest post and telling us about the book idea!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  13. I hope you don't mind me sayin this... HAPPY CANADA DAY especially to my beloved BRIDES... RUBY AND PENNY... THEY are my CANADIAN CUTIES!!!

    THANK YOu fur lettin me say that.

    Now POSIE and MOLLY... I think the Book is gonna be WONDERFUL.. COUNT ME in as a most WILLING one... fur saying YES you may use ALL of MY stuffs in the book!!!

  14. Dear molly! I like the idea of a book only if I can buy it from Brazil! Perdita is such a lovely dog! She should be adopted and loved by a nice family! Congrats for your help at The Willows Animal Sanctuary!
    Licks from Rutha

  15. That sounds like a very good idea, Posie. And all for such a good cause. The humans that run these wonderful animal sanctuaries deserve a lot of thanks.

    Happy Canada Day!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Arrrrghhh, I have trouble reading. Hehe, Happy Canada Day anyway.

  17. Yahoo for a book!

    That horse is very very cute. I've never actually met one before though...are they scary?


  18. Thanks for the Canada Day Wishes!

  19. Happy Canada Day! Posiedorg is quite cute!

  20. What a great cause. Thanks to Posie for making us all aware.
    Happy Canada Day to everyone.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  21. Posie - is your spell checker kaput?