Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Flog It Blog It, Mine’s A Beer!

It is time for Oktoberfest so mines a beer!

It is time for Oktoberfest so bring out the pretsles and beer!

Dachshunds may not be big on beer but dressed as hot dogs they are part of the festivities that kick off Oktoberfest, Germanys’ beer drinking festival. The 2012 Oktoberfest kicks off for 179th time with the running of the wieners. Herr we go, these dogs bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘fast food’. The event attracts more than six million people to 35 beer tents around the city of Munich. The beer is served in a glass called a Maß which holds 1 litre and is slightly stronger than what is usually served. Careful or you will be wurst for wear. Visitors consume large quantities of food, most of which consists of traditional hearty fare. Readily available all over the fairgrounds are Hendl, whole chickens grilled on a spit and typically sold in halves. Variations are the spit-roasted duck or goose. Roasted meats, especially pork, and potato dumplings are served up with the traditional red cabbage and apple dish Blaukohl. Local specialties such as roasted ox tails, grilled pork knuckles, or Bavarian Weißwürste, served with a pretzel or bread roll are found on just about every menu. Visitors hankering for some seafood might try the charcoal fired fish on a stick Steckerlfisch. Sie sind Dribblings oder haben Tollwut? (are you dribbling or do you have rabies?) So it’s  and meat for all. Some say that Germans have no emotions, because they are from the planet Vulcan. Spocken Sie Deutsche?


  1. Look at those little hot dogs go!

  2. LOL! Those little "hot dogs" with legs made us laugh and laugh!

  3. Mmmm sounds yummy!! Haha look at there hotdog costumes BOL!!!!

    Milo ;)

  4. Hi Molly,

    I too wurst like a beer und a weisswurste to go, hold the pretzel and the bread roll,on my way to Bavaria clad in my ledder hosen und menie bowl! EAT DRINK AND MERRY!

  5. Oh Molly you always make us LOL/MOL. Seeing vertically challenged Doxies running a race is too funny. Now they are horizontally challenged too.
    hugs your BFFF

  6. Those are some mighty Hot Dogs!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. TEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEE.....Oh dear, you do just MAKE ME SPIT.....those running hot dogs....oh dear, we humans are too funny.....

  8. Those sausage dogs are great.


  9. We love Oktoberfest! After all, we are ALL proud Germans in this house. Your write up today was pawsome.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  10. "Dachshunds may not be big on beer"

    Obviously you've not met Puddles Duddles Rainbarrel Butt!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  11. Oh my gosh that would be the cutest thing EVER!! I'd love to see that in person!

  12. BOL!!! Those hotdogs are way too cute!

  13. Don't tell Puddles that she is not big on beer. I think she would live in a mug of it if she could. Heck she probably has. Being a German dog let me just say I am full of emotions. It's true. And you should see the range of emotion I show when you bring out the beer and meats.

  14. Hey Molly!
    Wow, look at those doxies! I bet Frankie'd wanna be in that race...well, maybe not. BOL. The food sounds delish. My Mom's laughing like a fool about "Spocken". She's such a Trekkie and that's BOL funny!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  15. Aww, what cute little hot dogs!

    Elyse and Riley

  16. We Dachshunds DO have a "SCENTS" of Humor. BaaaaaWaaaah I made a Frankie Funny fur you Molly.

  17. i would love a sausage with saurkraut, please. :) hold the beer, though.

  18. Sure sounds like a lot of good food to us. Wonder if Puddles and Nola are there?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. BOL Molly, you are so funny!!! I like Pretzels!!!

  20. Thanks Molly for the early morning giggle.Watch out Puddles D. Rainwater is a HUUUUGH beer drinking, spit wad, rubber band shooter and all around mess of a Dasdhund. She needs to go over and partake!!!! Heeheehee!

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

  21. Those Dachshunds are tiny..Show me a dog that dosen't like beer..lol Have a great rainy Tuesday Molly xx00xx

  22. We wondered how many of you would mention Puddle D Rainwater Bucket Beer Drinker? That is one cool reputation. Puddles are you out of jail yet?
    Best wishes Molly

  23. Wurst for wear. Tee hee.
    Toodle pip!
    PS I would be most honoured to be featured on Share it Sunday!

  24. Puddles is out from house arrest and is running in the race?!?! BOL

  25. That is the cutest picture, we love doxies. Mom's was obsessed with our Dad's aunts doxie when she was in a college a little thing named Tinny who loved to cuddle Some day mom hopes to have a doxie

    urban hounds

  26. Meine Mutter spricht Deutsch und irgendwann wollen wir zu einem echten Oktoberfest gehen!

    BOL We saw a race on Utube and it sure looks like a whole lot of fun!

    Food and beverages sound pretty pawmazing too!

  27. Wrigs is really happy he's not a dachshund, because he would not like wearing a hot dog costume AT ALL! (Fly masks and cooling vests are bad enough!) But, as soon as he read about all the meat they serve at Oktoberfest in Germany, he gave me an assignment to find a similar event near us. (Still working on that.) Take it easy on the beer, Molly. We can't have an inebriated canine journalist! ;-)

    Susan T and Wrigs

  28. Yes, I have been celebrating with my mates here in Canada every Oktoberfest. Any occasions to drink beer, they will celebrate. Those cutie hotdogs are super cute!!! We'll be sending you a DIVA badge soon. i just finished the design. Be ready to get creative! Oh yes, that is your forte.


  29. Que fofos vestidos de cachorro-quente! kkkkk
    Muito engraçado!

    Beijos Molly e linda noite pra você!!!

  30. We even have a watered down Oktoberfest here.....but we don't have hot dog races.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  31. I'd love to see the running of the wieners, but I'd REALLY love to try one of those chickens on a stick!!! Sounds like a great time!

    your pal,

    p.s. - I wish I could send you some Frosty Paws! When I become rich and famous, maybe I could fly over in a jet with a special freezer for Frosty Paws!

  32. Yay! The weenie dogs are the stars of that show! And who said weenie dogs don't do beer! Just ask da Puddles!

  33. Those races are pawesome!
    Beer?? Well.... not for me.... I love "fast food"
    Kisses and hugs

  34. It's your fault if I look at my friends Dackels with other eyes now....! :))
    Best regards

  35. Beer? Did somebuddy say beer? Has you evers really seen a doxie run fast? Then mention beer? How funny my name was mentioned on just bouts all of these comments...bwhahahahaha!
    Dis was too funny...trust me though, we can actually run purty darn fast.