Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Slog It Blog It, Life’s Tough When You Are A Spy, Mr.Bond.

Molly The Wally Does 007 James Bond!

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of James Bond with Molly The Wallys’ Top Ten Bond Gadgets.

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets Cigarette Dart Gun!

10 We start off with the cigarette dart gun. I mean we all know cigarettes can kill but with this one you didn’t even have to smoke it to go and meet a sticky end. From ‘You Only Live Twice’, this brilliant little device discharged a rocket-propelled dart when lit, which then exploded upon impact. Useless these days with smoking being banned in public places but still useful outside. See off those pesky intruders such as squirrels with the cigarette dart gun without having to set a foot outside the backdoor.  

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets X Ray Glasses!

9 James Bond’s is famous for two things, stopping baddies and chasing the ladies. One of his favourite gadgets from ‘The World Is Not Enough’ is the x-ray glasses. With these Bond could enjoy a night at the casino whilst checking out the weapons of the baddies and surreptitiously checking out out the lingerie on the gals. So next time you peoples come back with the shopping don’t waste your time checking out the bags. Pop these on and happily scan the contents for treats without moving off the couch thus conserving much needed energy.

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets TV Enabled Wristwatch!

8 Bond always knew what was going on once he had discovered the TV-Enabled wristwatch from ‘Octopussy’. Even more practical in the tough covert environment of today! Hook it up to a webcam feed and you will always be one step ahead of the baddies. Whilst checking out the shopping with your x-ray glasses glance at your paw and quickly grab your cigarette dart gun and dispatch any garden intruder in record time. You’ll have plenty of time now for a Martini, stirred with a squirrel paw and topped off with a squirrel eye for garnish.

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets The Golden Gun!

7 The ‘Golden Gun’ was made up of 5 components, a ballpoint pen (the barrel), cigarette lighter (the chamber), cigarette case (the handle), cuff link (the trigger) and a bullet stored on Scaramanga's belt. Each component was made out of solid gold and could be assembled and disassembled within seconds. Supplied by world famous gunsmith Lazar, he provided Scaramanga with very expensive gold bullets in ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. The downside is that the weapon only held one bullet, but fortunately, that is all we need to for squirrel target practice.

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets Aston Martin DB5!

6 In ‘Goldfinger’ we see the Aston Martin DB5 armed with tire slashers, machine guns, a back shield, rotating license plates and oil slick. Later models came with an invisibility shield, laser weapons, signal-intercepting smart radio, rocket propulsion and even a defribulator. Oh yes and the ejector seat. You must be joking Q!  Just what we need for a trip to the shops, or for doing the school run or even a trip to the park for a lark. I am having mine made with additional automatic treat dispenser.

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets The Rebreather!

5 We like the rebreather from ‘Thunderball’, a pen sized oxygen cylinder. This small device could be carried on ones person without notice and when in use, held in the mouth to provide 4 minutes of air in emergencies like when the user has to go underwater. The prefect gadget to take when tunnel digging! We all know how dangerous it can be when there is a catastrophic tunnel collapse so take one of these next time you are digging or potholing/spelunking for rabbits.

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets The Jet Pack!

4 The awesome pawsome jet pack used by Bond when escaping from Duvall in the opening sequence of Thunderball is an ‘uber fav’. Press the button and soar into the air and spy on the vermin with the eye of an eagle. Even better use it to get about, avoiding irksome traffic jams all those red lights. My personal favourite would be using it to levitate in the kitchen area for a bit of counter surfing.

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets Little Nellie!

3 Little Nellie was the nickname given to the gyrocopter that ‘Mr.Shaken Not Stirred’ used to spy on a secret enemys’ hideout in the film ‘You Only Live Twice’. Lightweight, and able to fold up into a small space, this is another great way to travel. It’s quiet, and I imagine soaring around with such ease would be well brilliant. Whip out Little Nellie and fly the off to meet your furry friends. No parking tickets, thieves or cops to worry about but watch out for the odd low flying airbus. 

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets The Diving Lotus Esprit!

2 One of the most amazing is the submersible Lotus Esprit, which my mate James took for a dive while escaping the attentions of the crazy rocket shooting helicopter. From ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ it is a miracle it worked as you didn't need to go into the sea to get the rear and seats waterlogged. Just leaving it out in the rain was sufficient enough. The glass windows were very poorly sealed and the thing leaked like a sieve. Nevermind, in theory great for us who don’t like rainy days.

Top Ten 007 James Bond Gadgets The Spiked Shoes!

1 Saving the best till last there is something in the notion that the simpler the better. Our top selection is the deadly and memorable poisoned shoe spikes as worn by Rosa Klebb in ‘From Russia With Love’. Bond had nothing in his own arsenal quite as lethal or impressive. Even if Lotte Lenya was sufficiently terrifying without them, the whole assemble was enough to give you nightmares. Remember never turn your back on an ageing hotel maid again without checking out the footwear.  Less flick knife more flick foot! Perfect for nabbing foodables that have dropped onto the floor first!

Happy Anniversary James Bond and for those who noticed, sorry James the gun said ‘THE SAINT’ but who says I know the meaning of loyalty!

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of James Bond


  1. Thats interesting, I didnt know it was the anniversary. I recently saw the first Bond movie Dr. No at an old theatre here in jersey city that plays classic movies

    urban hounds

  2. Very funny, dear Molly, my mon is still laughing like mad! You are simply the best! Great post!
    Best regards
    Arno (and his guffawing mom)

  3. I had trouble concentrating after you mentioned an automatic treat dispenser. I can't understand why they're not fitted to all cars and on every street corner, in all parks and the list goes on and on...

    I'm not trying to make you jealous, but I don't need a jet pack to be able to counter surf, he he!

  4. What a great post. It is hard to believe it has been 50 years. I always liked the cars the best. When I was a kid, they promised we would each have one of those jet packs that fly by now. :)

  5. Where can I buy the cigarettes?... oh and the pen sized thunderball, of course... have a wonderful shaken - not stirred - wednesday ;o)

  6. If we were spies we would want a cloak of invisibility. Our Lady says this is from the wrong movie, but we don't care! Have a great day. Lee and Phod

  7. Those are really cool!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. Treat dispenser ?? I love all the bond gadgets :) Have a great Wednesday, the sun's got his hat on xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. LOL! I just watched the Skyfall this afternoon. The Aston Martin DB5 is beautiful!

  10. Molly you are the most gorgeous Bond girl to date. I'm loving the lavender scarf
    brings out the shiny in your furs.

    Molly your peeps are hilarious. I bet there is lots of laughter in your house.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  11. MOLLY MIZ MOLLY! ARE YOU the new BOND GIRL? Well you should be! You are not only the spokesdog for the 50th celebration, but you have the goods to be the best Bondgirl for the new generation of BOND!

    My favorites are the Aston Martin (In my opinion, the Brits make the classiest cars EVER) and the Jet Pack. I associate these two items with my beloved childhood when I dreamed of being single, gorgeous and having my own "flat."

    CHEERS MISS M.! Anita

  12. Miss Mollypenny - maybe you are a double agent, Mollypenny Today, Lady Dribble on your day off? I love the dangerous looking shoes - although they may look a bit obvious on my dainty foot (or your dainty paw) - I could really use them on my woodland walks to stab snakes in the undergrowth as I march through the long grass.

  13. James Bond é eterno!
    Adorei você de Girl Bond!!!! hehehe

    Beijos ;)

  14. Mommy would love a pair of those spike shoes. We aren't sure how she'll look in men shoes though....

  15. I still think Sean Connery was the best Bond! I love the jet packs! :)

  16. i think i want a golden gun. :)

  17. That knife shoe is pretty awesome.


  18. Wow 50 years. That's older than my MOM. She wanted me to make sure I say that Sean Connery was the best Bond ever.

  19. Pawsome post Molly - especially since we've just had a marathon Bond month here in SA courtesy of our satellite (DStv) service.

  20. LOL, you are a funny girl and you would make a excellent Bond spy doggie.

  21. That sure is one cute Bond girl! Happy WW!

  22. What a great series of movies! I'm sure I've seen them all at some point over the years....Definitely vote for Sean Connery as the best of the best Bonds.

  23. That James Bond dude is the COOLEST, isn't he?
    Your gun looks like it needs a little maintenance work. I was named after a Drill Sergeant, so I feel compelled to say that. ha roo!
    Play bows,

  24. Oh, mom says that 50 years isn't REALLY that long, just a blink of an eye! Sometimes she is so funny! Thanky Molly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. Funny Post!
    Golden gun is soooo cool!
    Mom says, Sean Connery was he best Bond ever...

    You would make an excelent Bond girl! =)

    Kaiser & Farrusquinho

  26. Oh Miss Molly, we have heard so much about you via other bloggers we just had to stop by and investigate. Wow, you are a busy pup. this is a fun post. We'll have to come back later for a longer look (mom is taking off for work so we can't be on the puter now) Don't worry we'll be back to see what you're up to.

  27. MOLLY! Our dad loooves the whole Bond thing. We totally don't get it, except we prefer our niptinis shaken, not stirred. FIFTY years? We hadz no idea....

  28. Hey Molly!
    Wow, you're one gorgeous Bond girl fur sure! He should forget those leggy female peeps and keep you instead. Love the gadgets...Wonder if he ever took M or Moneypenny for a ride in that Aston Martin? Mom says forget Bond, just give me that car! She says having Bond around would be exhausting. Go figure. Great post.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  29. Molly, those are some mighty cool gadgets! Wrigs has his eye on those cigarette darts, because try as he will, he's never quite quick enough to catch a squirrel or a rabbit. He'd love to get his paws on those X-ray sunglasses, too!

    Susan and Wrigs

  30. Molly, you make the perfect bond girl!

  31. Our dad and brothers love James Bond.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  32. Hi Molly,

    What a great Bond Girl you would make, so dangerous, so deadly,so very cute......I would be very worried if I was a bade..............Molly with a golden Gun!

  33. TW says she's never watched a James Bond movie. You'd make a great Bond girl I bet.

  34. pssst.. I left you something on my blog.

  35. Since we LOVE treats, we think we are going to ask Santa for those spy glasses - very cool.

    Mom and Dad saw Skyfall last weekend and they said it was very well done even though there were not as many fancy gadgets as the previous Bond thrillers.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  36. Excellant tribute Molly, Dad says he has seen every movie at least twice, you may be the best Bond Girl ever, Madda Bond!!!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  37. You are so cute, Molly! You're a great bond girl xx

  38. A very cool blog and Mollie is the best Bond girl ever

  39. You look fabulous, my dear Molly! I could use a "little Nellie" to fly around town in - and spy on my assistant when she is at work.

    Your pal, Pip

  40. Molly you are the hottest Bond babe ever! Mommy likes James Bond and all the gadgets are pawsome. This was a fun post, thank you.

    Loveys Sasha

  41. I'd like a jet pack myself so I can catch the pesky pigeons!!

  42. Some cool gadgets there Molly!!

    I'd love one of those little Nellie flying machines too!! I'd fly over and have a play date with you :)

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  43. Those "cigarette" just might make "smoking" fun again :)

  44. Molly, you made Mom smile so big her jaw cracked :O It's okay, she just smacks herself in the face a few times and it goes back into place ;P She is a HUGE Bond fan! She says to let you know she actually found a new Bondish gadget this morning - it's French Cufflinks that double as keys to handcuffs! Now she's shopping for shirts that need cufflinks :P Shakin my head.

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Saw your boxes. BOL on the one filled with rubbish Hardy Har Har. Very glad Goose and The Teachers Pets got ya a somethin to compensate :)